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Ant Control

Ant Control

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The old adage “big things come in small packages” is most certainly true when it comes to ants. Despite often being smaller than a quarter of an inch in length, ants are remarkably effective scavengers that can quickly invade through even the tiniest gaps around a door, window, or even a crack in the wall. Within hours, ants can latch on to a scent and send a collection party of tens of thousands of ants out to retrieve it to bring it back to the colony. That means cleaning ants out and keeping them out of your home can be a tremendous and difficult challenge. If you are dealing with these invading pests, Alta Pest Control can help!

Tired of ants invading your home? Stop them dead in their tracks by calling the team at Alta Pest Control at (866) 290-9502 today.

Why Do I Have Ants? 

At some point, we’ve all had an ant infestation. No one wants to see these tiny invaders in their home, but most of us realize there is a certain inevitability to ants. For starters, they’re tiny, and keeping them out of your home is hard. Since it’s nearly impossible to keep them out if they’re determined to enter, the best course of action is to find out why they’re there and remove the lure. 

Here are the top reasons ants invade homes: 

Leaving Food Out: If you’re leaving food out, it’s an invitation to join you for a meal. Like most other pests, ants need food and water to live and procreate. They won’t rummage around for food, focusing their attention on easily accessible food sources. When you leave open food out, especially overnight, you’re begging for an infestation. When you find an ant infestation, it’s typically in places with accessible food, like kitchens, pantries, or fruit bowls. To curb or even avoid an ant infestation, you should put away all food after eating, clean up all spills, and wipe down countertops. 

Greasy Surfaces: Maybe you put all your food away at night, but you still have ants everywhere when you wake up. Greasy surfaces like your cooktop, kitchen fixtures, and storage containers may have food residue, and these surfaces attract ants and serve as a food source. Ensure you wash off your cooktop, fixtures, condiment bottles, or any other surfaces that may have food residue. While this may not seem like an obvious food source, you could be unwittingly inviting ants to your home. 

Messy Trash: Garbage is messy and sticky. It’s not uncommon to find sticky soda bottles, cans with residue, or even paper plates with food scraps. Any of these items can draw ants to your trash can, especially if there’s sugar in the food item. It’s normal for trash to include food, but if you’re dealing with an ant problem, you need to keep your trash bins clean. The trash can in your kitchen should be clean and wiped down to ensure food is not on the can. The goal is to eliminate both obvious and subtle open food sources.

Plumbing Leak: Leaking pipes and fixtures provide ants with a fresh, clean water source they will need to live and procreate. Even if you don’t have a leaking plumbing leak, even a small dripping faucet could provide enough moisture and water to attract ants. To make your home less attractive to ants, inspect your sinks and toilets for leaks. 

Rotten Wood: If you have decaying wood around your home, it can be a draw to carpenter ants. These wood-consuming ants make nests in damp and decaying wood. If you’re worried about ant infestations, you should clear all decaying and rotting wood from your property to make it a less inviting target for ants.

Why Customers Choose Alta Pest Control

At Alta Pest Control, we have seen ant invasions of all different shapes and sizes, and our experience and skill allow us to handle it with confidence. We use the latest tools and materials for a more effective solution, and we focus on the little details for a better result and greater satisfaction. We put you and your property first and guarantee the quality of your service or we’ll do what we can to make things right. We even offer ongoing ant protection and treatment with our Pest Maintenance Plan!

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