A Responsible Approach To Pest Control For Your Home

We understand the frustration involved with having a pest problem at home. You don't want to share your kitchen with ants, but you don't want harsh chemicals brought into your house either. You don't want wasps stinging your kids in the backyard, but you don't want to risk spraying something that could hurt the environment. You want to get rid of your pest problems, but in a responsible manner. At Alta Pest Control, we share that same goal. We're a family-owned company specializing in low-impact pest control. We focus on getting rid of your pest problems while minimizing the impact on the environment. We only use low-impact pest control products that are safe for both people and their pets.


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Our Residential Pest Control Process

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Our general pest control plan for homes covers spiders, ants, cockroaches (excluding German roaches), wasps, pantry pests, and millipedes.

A Thorough Inspection

When you contact us for service, we come to your home ready to treat. However, before performing your initial service, our technician will sit down with you to discuss your current problem areas and any concerns you have. We'll then do a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your house, paying careful attention to the kitchen and plumbing areas. We'll also look for entry points, as well as inspect the exterior perimeter of your home, garage, sheds, decks, patios, and eaves.

A Comprehensive Treatment

After the inspection, our service technician will begin to carry out a service plan specifically tailored to your home. The specific steps included in the plan will be based on the findings of our inspection. No two plans are precisely the same because no two homes have identical pest problems.

Because we aim to use low-impact treatment methods, we only treat the interior of your home on an as-needed basis. Treatments can include:

  • Baiting programs

  • Glue boards

  • Wall injections

  • Product application around baseboards, cracks, and crevices, and doorways

Your exterior treatment includes a product application around the entire perimeter of your home. This application goes a few feet up the walls and extends a few feet out on the ground for complete coverage. We also sweep eaves and light fixtures up to 30 feet high to remove spider webs, remove wasp nests, apply a product to patios and decks, treat hot spots in the yard, and apply a granular product to your lawn up to 30 feet out from your house.

Our Follow-Up Pest Control Services

Your first follow-up visit will occur 30 days after your initial treatment. We switch to a demand CS product at this service visit that works to seal off your home and flush any remaining pests out.

After this treatment, our general pest control plan is available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. We will return to re-treat the exterior of your home on a regular schedule. Interior treatments are provided on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose Alta Pest Control To Protect Your Home & Family From Pests

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Free Consultations

If you are experiencing pest problems at home, it helps to talk to professionals. Contact Alta Pest Control to discuss your concerns and the potential solutions. We’re here to help.

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Customized Plans

Your residential pest problems require pest control that targets those problems instead of using a broad approach that over-treats your home. Alta will customize a plan to meet your needs.

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Pest-Free Guarantee

At Alta, we are committed to your satisfaction. If we treat your home and pests return, we will return to re-treat at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Home Pest Solutions For Whatever's Bugging You

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Alta Pest Control offers a variety of specialty services to take care of pests that aren’t covered under our general pest control plan. These services include:

  • Rodent Control

  • Exclusion Work

  • Mosquito Control (between April and September)

  • German Cockroach Treatments

  • Interior and Exterior Flea Treatments

  • Exterior Aphid Treatments

  • Exterior Tick Treatments

  • Snail and Slug Treatments

  • Stinging Insect Control


Let Our Family Take Care of Yours!

As a family-owned business, we understand the responsibility that goes along with taking care of your family. Let us help you in that process by protecting your home from the pests that threaten it in a manner that is both effective against pests and safe for your family. We provide professional pest control services to residential properties in Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Texas. You can start protecting your home from pest threats by reaching out to us today!


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