What are Rodents?

rodent in nature


Rodents are a diverse group of mammals belonging to the order Rodentia, characterized by a pair of continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws. These incisors must be constantly gnawed and worn down because they grow throughout the rodent's life. Rodents make up the largest order of mammals, with over 2,200 species.

Key characteristics of rodents include:


The most distinctive feature of rodents is their pair of large, sharp incisors in the front of their mouths. These incisors grow continuously and are adapted for gnawing and cutting various materials.

Herbivorous Diet:

While some rodents are omnivores, the majority are herbivores, feeding on a variety of plant materials such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetation.


Rodents are highly adaptable and can be found in diverse habitats, ranging from forests and grasslands to urban environments. They can live in burrows, nests, trees, or human-made structures.

Reproductive Rate:

Rodents are known for their high reproductive rates. Many species have short gestation periods and can produce multiple litters of offspring each year.

Nocturnal Behavior:

While some rodents are diurnal (active during the day), many are nocturnal (active during the night), which helps them avoid predators.

What Kinds Of Rodents Are There?

There are many different types of rodents, but the rodents we take care of at Alta Pest Control include:

Mice (Genus Mus):

  • House Mouse (Mus musculus)
  • Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus)
  • Field Mouse (Apodemus spp.)

Rats (Genus Rattus):

  • Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)
  • Polynesian Rat (Rattus exulans)
up close of a mouse eating nuts

Understanding Rodents

Knowing more about rodent behavior will help you predict their actions and make it easier to control them. These are just a few facts that will help you get started.


Rats and mice typically live for about 6 to 12 months in their natural habitat. However, in a home or other building that provides shelter, they can live up to a year. Understanding their lifespan helps in devising long-term control strategies.

Reproductive Potential:

Rodents have a high reproductive potential, making swift and effective control crucial. A sexually mature female house mouse, for example, can have 6-10 litters with 5-6 young in each litter over her lifetime. Remarkably, she can give birth to her first litter at just 2 months of age. Recognizing their reproductive capabilities is key to preventing exponential population growth.

Food Sources:

Rats and mice are opportunistic feeders and can consume a wide range of foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and other readily available items. Securing and managing food sources is vital for preventing and controlling infestations. Store food in sealed containers and address any spills or crumbs promptly.

Understanding these aspects of rodent behavior is the first step in effective control. Implementing preventive measures and seeking professional assistance, if needed, will help ensure a rodent-free environment in your home or building. If you have concerns or require expert guidance, consider reaching out to Alta Pest Control for comprehensive and tailored solutions. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

How To Get Rid Of And Manage A Rodent Infestation

To keep your home rodent-free, you should start implementing prevention methods as soon as possible. Small populations of rodents can quickly multiply and become full-blown infestations within a short time.

Food Storage:

Rodents should be kept away from food sources. Infestations are common in small crumbs, garbage, and dry goods like grains and cereals. To prevent contamination, these should be stored in sealed glass or metal containers. Also, fruits and vegetables must be properly stored.


Rodents love cardboard objects and will eat them up to make nests. Opt for alternative storage materials, such as plastic containers, to reduce potential nesting sites.

Seal Openings:

Rodents are able to squeeze through small spaces due to their flexible body structure. To prevent rodents from entering and returning to these spaces, they should be sealed. Inspect your home for any gaps, cracks, or openings, and use materials like steel wool or caulk to seal them off. Focus on areas around pipes, vents, windows, and doors.

Proactive Pest Control:

Implementing proactive pest control measures is crucial for managing rodent infestations. Consider placing traps or bait stations in strategic locations, especially along known rodent pathways or near potential entry points. Regularly inspect and reset traps as needed.

Professional Assistance:

For a comprehensive and effective solution, seek professional assistance. Alta Pest Control specializes in rodent control, offering expert services to identify the root causes of infestations and implement targeted strategies for eradication. Our experienced team can provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of your home, ensuring a pest-free environment.

Don't let rodents compromise the safety and hygiene of your living space. Take proactive steps, and if needed, reach out to Alta Pest Control for professional guidance and assistance. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Can I Get Rid Of Rodents Myself?

The Alta Pest Control specialists are qualified to treat current infestations and prevent future ones. Your pest problem will be dealt with using a specialized approach to rodent control. We can help protect your home by scheduling a home inspection.

DIY Solutions For Rodent Control:

Homeowners might try homemade solutions to rodent problems. You can try mothballs, essential oils, and other repellents. These homemade remedies are not effective in addressing rodent infestations.

Anyone experiencing rodent infestations should contact Alta Pest Control immediately to schedule a consultation.

Rodents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents can be difficult to control and may also carry diseases. They can also contaminate food with fur, waste and saliva. Mice can infect up to 10 times as much food as they eat.

Fleas can also be attracted to the pests. They can spread diseases such as lymphocytic meningitis virus and plague. This illness is most common in those with weak immune systems. It can cause headaches, fever, meningitis, and other symptoms. It can also lead to complications in pregnancy.

Wild rodents are not recommended to be handled. They have large teeth and can transmit a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and diseases via their saliva, urine, and feces.

It is best to call a pest management professional if you find a rodent in your home. An infestation could be detected by the presence of just one rodent in a house.

All pets and children should be kept away from the rodent. The rodent will attack if it is cornered.

Do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are one of the most adaptable animals on the planet, and they can be very difficult to eradicate. Rodents can inflict damage on buildings and local crops, as well as spread of dangerous diseases.

Both rats and mice can be very destructive to agricultural communities. Many species feed on grains and seeds. Surfaces could be contaminated by the feces or urine of certain rodents.

Infestations can be prevented by coordinating efforts of neighbors. In order to prevent infestations in apartment buildings or neighborhoods, it is important to coordinate cleaning and landscape modification efforts. Individually, rodent-proofing homes involves sealing all entry points.

Professional, tailored solutions are sometimes required to protect your garden, home and health from any existing rodent infestations.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents can thrive in any habitat that has food and water. They are small and can be difficult for humans to control. Rats can enter a home through holes as small as a quarter while mice can go in through gaps the same size.

How do I get rid of rodents?

The best way to control mice is with traps. These traps can be either live traps or snap traps. Use different baits such as chocolate, peanut butter or peanut butter to trap mice. Place them where they are active, but away from children and pets. To prevent mice from getting in, seal any cracks or holes outside and place weather strips on doors. To enter, mice only require a quarter inch hole. Alta Pest Control professionals have the ability to locate these entry points and create a plan to seal them.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Rats, mice, and other rodents can invade your home in search of food, shelter, and water. Rodents can be discouraged by not leaving food out or dirty dishes, properly storing food, and regularly emptying the garbage cans. You may not be aware of exterior entry points. Rodent exterminators and Alta Pest Control mice are trained to locate these entry points and seal them properly to keep rodents out of your home.

How Alta Pest Control Protects Your Home From Pests

All of our treatment plans are customized to your home and yard. We do this to ensure that you get the exact coverage you need to keep your home safe. All of our technicians and inspectors are experts in their field, so you can be sure that you are getting top-tier protection.


One of our expert technicians will inspect every inch of your home and business for pest activity. Then they will create a custom plan based on their findings.

Initial Service

Once your custom plan is created, we will treat your home and yard to give you immediate relief from pests. Then, we will create a boundary around your property to prevent more pests from entering.

Follow Ups

After the initial service, we will conduct regular maintenance to ensure that your pest problems remain solved. We will also conduct free inspections for problem pests, such as termites.

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When it comes to pest control, we put our money where our mouth is. If we treat your home, and you're still seeing pests, we'll come back and retreat for free. We'll always have your back.


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