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As a family-owned business, Alta Pest Control has been working together for the last 10 years to eliminate pests in people's homes. In 2013, we set out on a mission to provide safe and effective pest control solutions for our clients. We are committed to the quality of service and sustainable practices that will help you save money over time while protecting your home or business from critters like cockroaches and termites!

Pests aren't just an annoyance - they're harmful creatures who cause damage both inside AND outside homes or business properties. We at Alta Pest Control take great pride in knowing that we can provide solutions for all your pest needs. Our team will work hard and always be ready when you need us most!

You deserve personalized attention from professionals like ourselves. Don’t let another day go by without contacting someone knowledgeable about these pests today. Contact us today and get a free quote!

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Pest Control Company?

Professional Pest Control

Homeowners sometimes find themselves struggling with pesky pests and vermin. These creatures can be found hiding out in homes, seeking safety from their natural enemies like us humans! Sometimes people will resort to using pesticides and insecticides themselves but this is dangerous without professional help; instead, contact an expert pest control company that specializes in these types of problems!

In the event of an infestation, a professional pest control company can quickly and efficiently eliminate all pests. With their experience in dealing with these situations as well as access to chemicals not available on shelves for consumer use they will implement extermination plans that work wonders without causing too much collateral damage or harm toward humans thanks also having previous successes from engagements like this one!

If you're having trouble maintaining control over the population of these animals at your own house or business then don't hesitate to call an experienced pest company for help. Contact Alta Pest Control today to get rid of your pest problems fast without any risks involved.

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Alta Pest Control Story

Founded in 2013 by brothers Michael and Chris Langlois, Alta Pest Control runs on the principle of serving our customers. After spending years working for companies more concerned with their bottom line, Michael and Chris knew that Alta’s bottom line would be just fine by focusing on customer satisfaction. Sure enough, our customer retention rates are unheard of, and we’ve found that happy customers lead to happy employees, which leads to more happy customers.

"My brother Mike and I decided to open up our own company back in 2013 after spending years working for other companies. We realized we could make a difference in the industry by running a company focused entirely on the service we provide for our customers. Too many of the companies we worked for were too concerned with the bottom line, often cutting corners to improve it. We were confident that if we started a company that focused on our customers' satisfaction, the bottom line would be fine. While we're not perfect, we work very hard to be. When we make a mistake, you'll see how much it means to us by how quickly we move to resolve it. So far, we're happy to report that our experiment – running a company focused on the customer rather than the bottom line – has proven to be a huge success. We've experienced retention numbers unheard of at the companies we used to work for. Furthermore, we've found that the happier our customers are, the happier our employees are. If we ever fail to meet your expectations, please call our customer service line, and we will see to it that your problem is resolved. If it's something we can't fix, we'll gladly refund you. Our reputation is worth more to us than the money of a less-than-satisfied customer. We're grateful for your business and the opportunity you've given our employees and us to provide for our families.

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What Sets Alta Pest Control Apart?

We pride ourselves on continuously improving our service to you. We want nothing more than for your home or business be pest free, so that the good reputation we have built over these past nine years can continue!

We are one of the largest independent pest control companies in the area.
Customers have left us thousands of five-star reviews.
We scored in the top 100 in the PCT Awards
We provide the best, most convenient services available.
We are members of the National Pest Management Association.
We were named the “Top Pick” in an independent survey of over 10,000 metroplex homeowners.
We are members of the Texas Pest Control Association.
We are members of the Greater Dallas Pest Control Association.
We use pest control products that are safe for children and animals.


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