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Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control Services

The Gold Standard on Silverfish Control

Silverfish are scary looking – they get their name because they look a bit like a fish when seen from above and even sway like a fish that is swimming. But they are also pretty scary as a concept. If you see a silverfish in your home, then that means your peaceful sanctuary has been breached by these invasive and bothersome insects!

At Alta Pest Control, we aren’t afraid to do a little fishing now and then – silverfishing that is. Our silverfish control specialists are here to deliver the Gold Standard that each and every client deserves. Whether your home is overrun with silverfish or they are scaring people in your office, you can count on us to step up to the challenge and find the best way to get those silverfish off your property.

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What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish look scary and alien, but that is only half right. They aren’t aliens, they’re insects. Specifically, they are wingless, scaled insects that are about 15 millimeters in length and prefer areas of high moisture. 

Why Do I Have Silverfish in My House?

The first thing to consider if you think you have a silverfish infestation is whether or not your home’s humidity is preferable to the dry climate outside. If it is, then silverfish might try to escape the outdoors by sneaking in through the cracks of your windows, doors, floorboards, and so on.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

Silverfish do not pose immediate health dangers to most people. They are not venomous, do not have pincers or stingers, and they cannot even bite you or your pets. But that does not mean they are totally harmless.

What Do Silverfish Do?

  • Allergic reactions: Silverfish scales produce a natural, dusty protein that can drift into the air wherever they are in large numbers. People with dust allergies could experience respiratory difficulties if a silverfish infestation gets out of control.
  • Foodborne illnesses: Dry foods and carbohydrates are staples of a silverfish diet, so they might try to sneak into your stores of sugar, coffee, bread, and so on. As with any pest infestation, if your food gets contaminated by a silverfish, then its droppings could make you sick.
  • Document destruction: Some archivists and librarians call silverfish “book banes” because these creepy little insects love to eat pages, photographs, and basically any other type of paper document. Severe infestations might even cause the rapidly-breeding silverfish population to look for another plentiful food source: your home’s wallpaper.

How Do You Get Rid of Silverfish

The first step in controlling a silverfish population before it gets out of hand is to reduce the humidity in your home. As mentioned, silverfish need humid, moist, and dark places to live, or they can dry out and die. If your home’s humidity is low, then they will be less likely to want to live there. Cleaning up any indoor and outdoor piles of clutter that could provide a silverfish refuge from bright lights is also a necessity.

But once a silverfish infestation gets bad, it is time to call in the professionals from Alta Pest Control. We can use a variety of silverfish control methods based on the specifics of your property, the severity of the infestation, and whether or not you have any young children or pets. Our team takes pride in finding the best silverfish control methods that prioritize safety and efficiency. 

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Alta Pest Control can help get rid of your silverfish infestation without getting rid of your finances. We pride ourselves in offer world-class silverfish control services at competitive prices. We do not cut corners or take shortcuts, though. Our reputation and your satisfaction mean the world to us! Let us show you the best that we can offer by scheduling an initial consultation or inspection today.

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