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Pest Library

A Guide To Common Pests

Some pests are a nuisance, while others cause significant problems. When you see a pest in your house or place of business, can you tell which type you’re dealing with? Our pest library can help. Highlighting the most common pests to infest homes and businesses provides the information you need to know, including what to do to get rid of them.

Thousands of Happy Customers

    “I've used Alta for several years and they have helped our insect/rodent fight a great deal.”

    - Cathy T.

    “The sugar ants are gone and no new holes from the rodents!”

    - Jill Pace

    “Friendly knowledgeable on time and professional.”

    - Victoria Poncini

    “We switched from another provider and I already feel so much confident that this service is being completed to its full expectations.”

    - Adam Garibaldi

    “He was remarkably knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and took great effort to help us understand the issues we were facing.”

    - Eddie Gurriero


  • What Pests Do You Handle?

    We handle a full range of pest problems. This includes the majority of insects, such as all commonly-found varieties of cockroaches and all types of ants. We treat for spiders, bed bugs, flying and stinging insects like wasps and hornets, and more. We also offer services for invading rodents, including mice and rats as well as squirrels and other mammals that may have made their home in your attic or crawlspace.

  • Are Your Products Safe?

    Absolutely! We place a heavy emphasis on safety, particularly when it comes to our customers. We are extremely cognizant of the products we use to treat your property, and everything we use has undergone rigorous testing in both real-world and laboratory environments before we put it into use in our business. Everything we use has been proven to be safe for use around pets, young children, and those with sensitive immune systems. Likewise, every product is free from toxic substances that could harm the environment and cause pollution of the groundwater table.

  • What Treatment Options Do You Offer?

    There are two types of pest control: reactive and proactive. Reactive pest control treatments are the type of treatments that fight back against ongoing pest invasions and are generally stronger in nature. Proactive pest control treatments are designed to prevent pests from getting into your home in the first place. The logic is that by preventing bugs from getting in, you won’t have a major problem to have to deal with, and thus you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind for longer with less effort.

  • Do You Offer Commercial Pest Services?

    We do! We understand that businesses also need pest problems controlled, and in many cases depend on it just as much, if not more than homeowners do. When a single sign of an insect problem could signal a major health code violation, Alta Pest Control offers fast solutions as well as ongoing protection designed to withstand the demands of commercial applications.

  • Do You Offer Emergency Services?

    We do! We understand that pest problems don’t always give you a choice as to when they rear their heads, so we’re here to help whenever you need us. We offer a fast response to your call and we come prepared to start on your treatment plan as soon as possible. Depending on availability, we may even be able to have a technician to your home the same day!

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