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Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet Beetle Control

Tell the Carpet Beetles to Beat It

Carpet beetles are as annoying as they are varied. Technically, there are many different beetle species that can be considered carpet beetles or common house beetles. But you don’t need to talk to a variety of different pest control companies to get rid of them.

Come to Alta Pest Control in Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas. Our carpet beetle control specialists can create a plan to get rid of the beetles crawling around your home, regardless of their exact species. We are renowned for pest elimination methods that are safe for you, your family, and your pets, as well as for keeping our services competitively priced.

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What Do Carpet Beetles Look Like?

As mentioned, carpet beetles can consist of a variety of different species. This might not be surprising since approximately 25% of all animal species are a type of beetle. However, “skin beetles” or Dermestidae are usually the most common carpet beetle that gets into homes in a number great enough to constitute an infestation.

Skin Beetles Are Usually:

  • Circular or slightly ovoid
  • Only a few millimeters wide; about the size of a pinhead
  • Brown and white speckled

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful?

The greatest risk of a carpet beetle infestation is an allergic reaction, which will usually be mild, such as skin irritation. Carpet beetles like to eat “dead” organic materials like wool fabrics, feathers, and dust, which is comprised mostly of shed skin cells. As a result, some of the most damage that carpet beetles can do in your home comes in the form of clothing and furniture damage. Although, if carpet beetles crawl into your pantry in search of food, then they can contaminate bags of cereal, pasta, crackers, etc., and make someone ill.

Pest Control Options for Carpet Beetles

Alta Pest Control and our carpet beetle control specialists are here to make sure that beetles stop bugging you and your family so much. You should have a comfortable home, free of little beetles crawling over your skin whenever you sit down. Let’s get to it and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Four Steps in Our Carpet Beetle Control Services Include:

  1. Initial consultation: To begin, you can call us at (866) 290-9502 and discuss the overall situation with our team.
  2. Inspection: Our highly trained and certified pest control specialists can inspect your property to look for the source of the infestation and make a plan to control it.
  3. Treatment: We implement the plan and start fighting the carpet beetles as soon as possible, so you can get your home or business back.
  4. Follow-up service: A few weeks or months after the initial treatment plan is completed, we will conduct a follow-up inspection to plan additional services if necessary.

Get Our Technicians on the Case Today

We are proud to offer a comprehensive pest-free guarantee as part of our dedication to making sure you are fully satisfied with our carpet beetle control services. If beetles sneak back into your home despite our pest control methods, and if there is no new source of the infestation, then we will find a way to set things right. Find out more about our services and our family-owned and operated company by contacting us online now.

Want to make carpet beetles beat it? Call (866) 290-9502 today.


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