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Earwig Control

Earwig Control Services

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If you have seen one earwig, then it might mean there are many, many more you haven’t seen yet. Act quickly by getting Alta Pest Control on the phone and telling us what is going on. We will listen closely, devise a personalized plan on how to eliminate the earwigs and tell you how soon we can get started. Let’s kick those earwigs out of your home!

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Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Are earwigs dangerous if they get into your home? While these bugs look formidable with their pinchers, they really are not. Earwigs have no stinger or venom, and they are not known for carrying specific diseases that could be dangerous to you and your pets. Opposite old myths, too, earwigs will not crawl into your ear!

What Do Earwigs Do?

What earwigs can do, though, is destroy some of your property by chewing on it. They are keen on eating house plants. If earwigs get into your pantry, then they might contaminate your food by making it dirty, too, which could get someone sick. As a general rule, whenever you see an earwig or another creepy crawler in your home, you should err on the side of caution and plan an infestation control plan with Alta Pest Control.

Where Do Earwigs Live?

Earwigs like hiding in damp and dark areas most of the time, which is why getting rid of vegetation around your property is a good starting point for preventing an infestation. They enter your home for the same reason, too. Inside the walls and near the foundation, the environment can be damp and dark. 

Preventing an Earwig Infestation

Once you spot an earwig in your home, you can try to act quickly to make sure no more show up. We recommend to all of our potential customers that they try to prevent an infestation before it gets worse. You can do that in a few ways, which mostly focus on taking away the earwigs’ chosen shelter.

How to Keep Earwigs Out of House:

  • Routinely clear any vegetation piles in your yard, such as dead leaves.
  • Never keep vegetation or brush within a foot of your home’s foundation.
  • Reduce the number of shady, damp areas in your yard.

What to Do If Earwigs are Already Infesting Your Home

Sometimes, an earwig infestation is too far gone to prevent by the time you notice it. Basically, if you have seen one or two earwigs inside your home, then you can assume that there might be a whole swarm of them crawling around in the walls already.

Once You Notice That Earwigs Are Infesting Your Home:

  • Call (866) 290-9502 and speak with Alta Pest Control.
  • We can inspect your home and look for the source of the infestation.
  • We will create an earwig control plan that is safe and affordable.
  • Plan a follow-up property inspection to ensure the control methods worked.

Call Now for More Infestation Control Information

Alta Pest Control is proud to offer flexible scheduling and service options for earwig control plans. There is sure to be a service that works for you, meets your budget, and results in 100% customer satisfaction, just as we strive to achieve for every job. Our family-run business can service properties across Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas.

Want to know more about earwig control? Contact us now.


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