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Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

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Roaches are unsightly and intimidating pests that are not a pleasant experience to deal with. Roaches are typically attracted to waste piles like rotting leaves, dead plants, and trash bins, and that’s why they rightfully have a reputation for spreading some particularly nasty diseases. Their large size makes them particularly unsightly, and many roach species actually have the ability to fly as well. If your home is dealing with these nasty bugs and you’re tired of constantly getting out the shoe to smash them, take effective action by calling the experts at Alta Pest Control today!

Why are Cockroaches in my House? 

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. They can be found in homes worldwide, and while they are not known for their bite, they are associated with allergy symptoms and chronic breathing issues. Common misconceptions aside, finding a cockroach in your home doesn’t mean your home is dirty; It’s a sign you have created enticing surroundings for the cockroach to live and reproduce. 

Cockroaches are capable invaders, and they will squeeze into your home using any means, including:

  • Small Holes or Gaps in Exterior Surfacing
  • Inside Bags and Suitcases 
  • Window and Door Openings and Gaps
  • Pipes and Plumbing

Cockroaches are resourceful, and they excel at finding places to hide. If you know where to look, you can find the cockroaches in your home and begin getting rid of them. Once you understand how cockroaches prefer to nest, eat, and move around, you will know how to avoid an infestation.

  • Look for narrow cracks, gaps, and crevices. Cockroaches like to nest in these spaces. 
  • Cockroaches like dark, hidden spaces, like behind your fridge or under your cabinets. 
  • They prefer to move around your home at night, looking for food and water.

The best way to avoid a cockroach infestation is to follow a few essential monitoring and maintenance tips:

  • Keep your kitchen clean, always removing leftover food and grease. 
  • Maintain your plumbing, repairing leaks immediately. 
  • Make it difficult for pests to enter your home and close gaps, cracks, and holes. 
  • Monitor areas where cockroaches like to nest and be on the lookout for droppings and eggs.

There are many types of cockroaches, so if you think you have an infestation, you need to determine which type of cockroach is in your home. Knowing the cockroach species gives you more insight into its behavior and needs.

You can get ahead of a cockroach infestation by:

  • Look for places where roaches like to hide, typically in cozy, dark areas near water. Place traps. 
  • Keep your kitchen and eating areas clean.
  • Try to eliminate any household clutter because cockroaches love to nest in it for breeding

The Alta Difference

At Alta Pest Control, we have always prided ourselves on being a customer-first company, and that means going above and beyond for your satisfaction. Not only do we hold our services to world-class standards, but we back all of them up by being there for our customers. If you’re unhappy or if we make any mistakes, we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. And we continually reevaluate your treatment plans and make adjustments to adapt to changes in your pest issues as time goes by.

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