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Protecting Your Business From Pest Threats Is Our Business

Plenty of things can threaten your business. As a business owner, you constantly have to keep on top of things from bad reviews to facility problems to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully. When pest threats occur, they aren't simply a matter of annoyance. Pests can introduce health and safety risks to your employees and customers. Protect your business with professional pest control designed with your company's specific needs in mind.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

When you contact Alta Pest Control for your commercial pest control needs, we'll provide a free pest consultation over the phone, discussing your current pest problems and areas of concern. This gives us the information we need to develop a plan for your business before we even arrive at your facility.

A Quality Inspection

During your initial inspection and service visit, our service technician will begin by talking with you about the areas of concern you highlighted over the phone, as well as any others that you may have found since then.

We'll then do a thorough inspection of your facility's interior, focusing on the kitchen and plumbing areas, as well as looking for entry points. We'll also perform an inspection of the exterior perimeter, looking for any problem areas.

Upon completing the inspection, our service technician will meet with you again to go over our welcome packet and explain the pest control plan we've created for your business based on the inspection findings.

Effective Treatment

Next, we'll perform the initial treatment. We begin on the interior, applying product to baseboards, doorways, and cracks and crevices. If needed, we'll also set up bait stations, glue boards, wall injections, snap traps, and fly bait around office spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas.

Our exterior treatment includes a product application around the perimeter of your facility that goes a couple of feet up the walls and a couple of feet out on the ground. We also sweep spider webs up to 30 feet high and remove wasp nests. We apply a dust product to wall voids, and we set up bait boxes around the perimeter. Services are available on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly basis. During follow-up treatments, we will reapply products to both the interior and exterior and reset and re-bait any traps and stations that need it.

Facilities We Service

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Your office building experiences a steady stream of traffic, and there’s a good chance not all of that traffic is from people. If pests have infiltrated your office building, Alta Pest Control can eliminate them for you and keep them out in the future.

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Your tenants expect a safe and healthy living environment, but pests threaten both of those. You can protect your tenants and your building by keeping pests out for good with the help of a general pest plan from Alta Pest Control.

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A pest infestation in your restaurant can not only make your customers sick but can also ruin your business’s reputation and potentially shut it down. You can protect your customers and your business by partnering with Alta Pest Control.

Our Specialty Commercial Services

As an additional option, we also offer specialty commercial pest control services if you have one specific pest that you need a solution for. You can choose this service instead of our general commercial pest control plan. Our services include:

  • Fly control

  • Rodent control

  • Stinging insect control

  • Mosquito control


Why Choose Alta Pest Control?

Protecting your business is no easy task, and it’s not one you can afford to take lightly. When pests invade, you need seasoned professionals who know what they’re doing, don’t cut corners, and always put your needs first. That’s why Alta is the right choice for your business’s pest control needs.

  • If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service, we will work with you to resolve the issue.

  • Our main priority is our customers’ satisfaction.

  • We never cut corners to bolster our bottom line.

  • All of our employees have passed background checks.

  • We offer free phone consultations.

  • We customize our service to your specific needs.

  • We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs and budget.

  • Our services come with a pest-free guarantee.

  • We are Angie’s List approved.

  • We are members of the National Pest Management Association.

  • Our technicians are fully licensed and certified. They receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date.

What We Do, We Do For You!

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the unique pressures business owners face every day. Because of that, and because of our customer-first approach, we treat each business as if it were our own. We develop a pest control plan tailored to the unique needs of that business. When you choose Alta Pest Control for your commercial pest control, you can be sure you’ll find the solution you’re looking for. We service businesses in Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Texas. You can start protecting your business from pest threats by reaching out to us today!


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