Commercial Pest Control

Customized Commercial Pest Control Services

A common problem for businesses and commercial establishments is pests. A pest infestation can harm your business. Moreover, it can also cause serious health issues for your customers. If you are facing this issue right now, then you need to call a professional to take care of your pest problem.

Alta Pest Control offers the best pest control services to commercial establishments. We provide affordable and effective pest control solutions for various industries. Whether you need mosquito control, rat removal, or any type of pest problem, you can count on us to fix the problem!

Commercial Pest Control

We Protect Your Business From Pesky Pests

Our dedicated commercial services department offers various quality pest control solutions for a wide range of pests. Alta Pest Control provides an integrated pest management approach to protect your business establishments from destructive and annoying pests. Read below to know more!

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Rodent Control

Two Rodents

Rats and mice are very destructive pests. They can chew through wires of your facility, which might cause electrical problems. If they enter into pipes or ducts, they make their homes inside these openings, causing leakage issues like flooding. Rats also spread diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis.

To protect your business from rats, we first identify the causes of rat infestation. Then, we seal up any rodent entry points and place rodent control stations to eliminate them for good! This way, you don't need to worry about pest invasion or health hazards anymore!

Termite Treatment

Termite colony

Termites are another prevalent pest that can cause a lot of damage to your business establishment. They can chew through wood, flooring, and even paper products. If you have a termite infestation, it's essential to take care of it as soon as possible before it can cause more and irreparable havoc to your property.

Alta Pest Control offers advanced termite treatment services, such as Sentricon, that will get rid of these pests for good and save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Flea Control


Another familiar pest infestation business owners have to deal with is a flea infestation. These troublesome insects can cause severe diseases and upset customers.

Alta Pest Control provides the best flea control services. We use safe treatments to kill these pests completely! No more pesky fleas in and around your commercial building!

Mosquito Control

Mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes can be a big nuisance, not to mention a health hazard. They can transmit diseases like malaria, dengue fever, the West Nile virus, etc.

Alta Pest Control offers the best mosquito control services. We use advanced bait and trap systems to thoroughly eliminate mosquitoes.

Ant Control


Ants can be a big problem for business owners. They contaminate your food and damage wooden structures. Alta Pest Control provides the best ant control services. We use safe chemicals to kill these annoying insects completely!

Stinging Insects Extermination


Stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and carpenter bees are harmful to your customers. These pests will sting people when they feel threatened, sometimes leading to dangerous allergic reactions. Alta Pest Control provides the best stinging insect elimination services. We use safe chemicals to kill these pests completely! No need to worry about possible bites or stings anymore!

Spider Extermination and Prevention

Spider on web

Spiders are often considered pests because they can build webs and nests in inconvenient places. They can also be harmful to people if they bite them.

Alta Pest Control offers the best spider removal and treatment services. We use safe chemicals to get rid of these spiders completely! No more unwanted webs or nests on your business premises!

Cockroach Extermination and Control

Termite Colony

One of the most prevalent pests is cockroaches. They can contaminate your food, spread diseases, and cause allergies. Moreover, these insects terrify most of the customers.

Alta Pest Control offers the best cockroach extermination and control services. We use safe chemicals to kill roaches on your business property.

Benefits of Choosing Alta Commercial Pest Control Services

Alta Commercial Pest Control offers a wide variety of services to choose from. We offer customized solutions for your pest problems. There's no one size fits all solution to your pest infestation problems. Custom solutions are the best way to deal with them.

We use safe chemicals to treat your pest problems if needed. Alta Pest Control believes that pest treatment chemicals do not need to be harmful. We use chemicals that are harmful to pests but friendly to humans and pets.

If you aren't happy with our services, we'll refund your money! So what are you waiting for? Contact Alta Pest Control today for the best commercial pest control services in town! We'll help you create long-term and effective solutions for your pest problem.

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As a property owner, pest prevention should be your utmost priority. Alta Pest Control constantly works to ensure that our clients are consistently satisfied with our services. We provide expert pest control for your pest control needs. Moreover, we also offer residential pest control services to protect your home from these pestering insects.

If you are interested in our expert, affordable, and customized services, call us now! You can reach us at (866) 201-7787 for a free quote!

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Why Choose Alta For Your
Commercial Pest Control Needs?

Alta Pest Control provides customized commercial pest control solutions tailored specifically to each individual customer’s needs. We help you identify potential problems before they arise so you can avoid costly repairs later down the road. We provide top-quality service at an affordable price with our 100% Customer Satisfaction – if you aren't happy with our work we will come back out at no cost until everything is perfect!

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Our thorough inspection of your property allows us to find the pests that are causing you problems and identify areas in need of pest control treatment. It also helps us develop an effective plan for ongoing pest prevention so you never have this issue again!

Customized Service Plan

After we do a thorough inspection of your business or home and come up with a detailed plan to eliminate all pests from your property once and for all. This includes developing a customized approach based on our findings during the initial visit as well as any other concerns you may have about pests at your location. The best part is that we offer free estimates!

Alta Pest Control Technician With Rodent Bait Box

Analysis & Monitoring

With our pest control service plan, you will receive customized treatments that are designed around the needs of your business. We will monitor activity at regular intervals to ensure that all pests have been eliminated before we move onto another area of concern. In addition to this monitoring process, we will provide suggestions and recommendations based upon our findings so that you know how best to manage future problems with pests in an efficient manner without wasting money on unnecessary services or products.

Commercial Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! Read more about the most asked questions below!

What kinds of pest control solutions does Alta Pest Control offer for my business?

We provide a wide range of pest control options for your business. We have a team of rigorously trained technicians that can provide a solution tailored to your pest issue. Alta, as previously said, is a renowned pest control service provider. Contact us right now to learn more about how we can assist you.

How does Alta help prevent pests and insects?

We use safe and hazard-free chemicals and humane methods to prevent pests and insects. Moreover, our treatment systems proactively prevent future pest issues. We can help you ensure that your customers are safe from any pests.

What should I look for in a commercial pest control company?

Look for a pest control company that provides practical and reliable pest management services. Ensure that the company's technicians are well-trained to take care of your property safely and effectively. Alta Commercial Pest Control Services can help you guarantee that you will get your money's worth.


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