Why Pro Pest Control Is The Right Idea For Your Tukwila Home

As a Tukwila homeowner, it's important to never let your guard down when it comes to the dreaded pest invasion. Despite seeing overall pest activity drop in the colder months, that doesn't mean pest problems aren't just one spin out of control away.

Part of the reason for this is because of the different seasons. Different seasons mean pest behaviors change. Some become more active while others seek to hibernate safely. Combine that with the fact that pests usually invade in large numbers and it's clear that pro pest control just might be the right idea for your Tukwila home.

Case by Case Is A Big No-No

In general, the natural response of most homeowners when facing a pest infestation during slower months is to attempt to handle the problem on their own on a case-by-case basis. This is a costly mistake for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • Always Active: Pest activity is slower in the colder months, not nonexistent. They can slip through the tiniest of openings and will do so in search of shelter, food, and water. When the weather is colder, they seek warmth. When the weather is hotter, they seek the resources needed to reproduce.
  • Rapid Reproduction: Some pests like rodents can reproduce no matter what time of year it is. So long as they have access to shelter, food, and water it's breeding time. What once was a handful, is now dozens, and so on unless you get a handle on the problem now. During warmer months, nearly every pest reproduces, thereby causing larger problems.
  • Incomplete: Even with the best tools available for DIY (do it yourself) pest control, the end result is often an incomplete success. Sure, you'll eliminate a decent amount of the pest in question, but DIY can never address the full scope of the pest infestation.
  • Bad Timing: Do you have the time to drop what you're doing and take the fight to whatever pest has invaded your home? Absolutely not! While you're working or running errands, those pests are doing everything to make your home theirs. With professional attention, you get the benefit of a team whose job is to control your pest population.

Pro Pest Control From Alta Pest Control

Any company can claim they offer professional pest control services with results, but our team at Alta Pest Control prefers to walk the talk, which is why we carefully outline our process so our customers know exactly what they're getting. Even better, we offer different service plans to better target your specific needs.

Our first step is a thorough inspection. Even professionals need the answers first before treatment can effectively begin. During the inspection, we'll arrive at your home ready to treat, but we'll first sit down to go over our findings with you so there is complete transparency.

We offer three service plans that are broken down as follows:

  • Plan One: With this plan, we offer quarterly pest control that covers 40+ pests. Throughout the agreement, our team provides free re-services and a money-back guarantee. Also, we provide general pest control, pest prevention seal, fire ant warranty, and a carpenter ant warranty.
  • Plan Two: This plan offers the same things as plan one except that we also include rat/mice control, which is crucial during the colder months when they're more likely to invade your home.
  • Plan Three: Everything from the first two plans is included plus you'll also enjoy our indoor flea warranty, German roach warranty, and monthly mosquito services from March through November.

If you require professional pest control services, then give our team at Alta Pest Control a call or go online to start the process of becoming pest-free in your Tukwila home.


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