Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Tukwila Home?

Since the beginning of pest infestations, it's been argued which pest is the most annoying for Tukwila homeowners. One pest that has taken the lead as the main contender is none other than the common house mouse. This pest will invade homes any time of the year but is especially fond of doing so during the colder months.

Mice are by far the most common home invader and are easily recognized by their small, fur-covered bodies complete with long thin tails and large rounded ears. While you might think mice are only a nuisance, the truth is they are far worse.

Mice Create So Many Problems

The common house mouse creates so many problems that it only makes sense to narrow them to the two biggest offenses. The first way they cause problems is through property damage. Mice have to chew constantly to grind their teeth down to manageable sizes since the teeth never stop growing. This need to chew has led to issues like holes in the wall, holes in clothing, chewed-up electrical cords, and more. Plus, they possess sharp claws, which means every time they scurry across the floor in the walls, they leave behind scratches.

If it's not property damage that's a concern, it's the health issues they cause. Mice carry a variety of pathogens leading to a number of diseases. Some common illnesses tied to a mouse infestation include salmonella, Hantavirus, plague, and allergies in children. Mice also carry ticks and fleas, which bring their own possible diseases, making things much worse for everyone. At this point, you may think you're safe if you avoid actual contact, but the urine and feces they leave behind can make people sick, which is why nothing short of professional pest control is needed to control mice infestations.

Mice Are Difficult To Control

It's clear mice cause problems on their own, but their very existence makes it nearly impossible to control them on your own. For starters, mice reproduce at an accelerated rate. What may begin as a dozen can quickly become dozens, leading to a problem that is rapidly spinning out of control.

Finally, mice also can slip through the tiniest of holes and cracks. Think about the size of a dime and you're on the right track. So long as there is an entry point this small or bigger, you run the risk of mice coming and going. That's why prevention is the single greatest way to remain mouse-free in your Tukwila home.

Some common ways homeowners have tried and failed to control existing mice populations include:

  • Traps: These wouldn't continue to sell if there wasn't some success. However, any success you gain is diminished by the fact that for everyone one you take out, there are dozens more where it came from.
  • Poison: This method is arguably more successful in killing the mice, but it's slow-acting, allowing them to find a hiding spot. This, in turn, means you have a dead animal trapped somewhere you can't access, which smells. Plus, if you have pets, they will be at risk of getting sick or worse as well.

Take Care Of The Mice With Alta Pest Control

It's never fun dealing with a mouse infestation no matter the circumstances. That's why our team at Alta Pest Control works quickly to identify the source of the infestation and take the necessary measures to remove them immediately. Once secured, we put prevention measures in place and perform ongoing treatments to ensure the mice never have the chance to return. Call us today at Alta Pest Control or reach out to us online!


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