What Wichita Homeowners Need To Know About Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are a species that is believed to have originated in South America and is now found in many countries. These pests are typically a dark brown or black color, have six legs, and may reach up to ¼ of an inch in length. The majority of these ants are wingless, but the reproductive males and females often do have wings.

General Behavior Of Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are commonly seen traveling together in large groups near nests where they form expansive colonies. Their reproductive process begins within the nest, with larvae hatching from eggs in roughly 28 days and developing into adults. Members of a colony will soon travel nearby and form another nest to continue the process, often forming “super-colonies.”

Argentine ants can rapidly change the natural environment by being aggressive toward other ant species and driving them away. This may disrupt the local ecosystem by eliminating key food sources for other creatures, the destruction of beehives, and harming plants that rely on other insects for the dispersal of their seeds.

Argentine ants may create nests beneath materials, such as wood, stone, plants, and along sidewalks. They struggle to survive in areas with very cold temperatures or excessively dry conditions; therefore, they may seek access to indoor shelter when possible.

Potential Health Concerns

Argentine ants generally are not a direct threat to human health; however, they travel through trash and sewage potentially being exposed to bacteria that could contaminate food and cause dysentery. Once a food source is discovered, the ants communicate to the others by leaving pheromone trails. This can be very problematic when the food is located within your home.

Tips For Preventing Argentine Ants

Various best practices will help prevent Argentine ants from invading your home:

  • Limit excessive moisture from accumulating by cleaning gutters, downspouts, and repair any plumbing leaks.
  • Limit possible points of entry to the home by filling any cracks within the exterior foundation of the home and adding durable weather-stripping to seal any gaps around windows or doors.
  • Never leave dirty dishes out overnight and remove any leftover pet food.
  • Promptly pick up food crumbs and spills by regularly wiping countertops and sweeping floors.  
  • Trash containers, particularly those containing food particles in the kitchen area, should have lids that seal properly.
  • Keep tree branches and any vegetation trimmed back away from the home to avoid creating a means for ants to easily access the property.

The Importance Of Seeking Professional Assistance

Some homeowners underestimate the resilience of ants and other similar pests and attempt to rid their properties of infestations themselves. Many people will purchase do-it-yourself options from a local retailer such as sprays, bait systems, or traps that often fail to fully eliminate serious intrusions. These store-bought products also might contain harmful agents. A professional provider of pest control services must be contacted to thoroughly resolve these problems.

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