The Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Wichita Restaurant

Running a restaurant is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in Wichita. From managing kitchens and supply chains to ensure every customer leaves with a smile, small business ownership is certainly nothing to scoff at. In the midst of all the to-dos on your list, one thing is crystal clear: acquiring a rodent infestation in your restaurant will spell disaster for everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Rodents such as mice and rats are common problems for restaurant owners in Wichita. Not only are they dangerous creatures to manage, but they can become extremely difficult problems to remove as well.

There are several types of factors that attract rats and mice to Wichita restaurants, many of which simply cannot be helped. They include:

  • A high volume of trash or food items
  • Plenty of water availability or indoor humidity
  • Constant heat and warm temperatures during the winter
  • Plenty of places in which to hide and build a nest

On top of just being unsanitary and dangerous, rodents create significant problems for the businesses they infest. Food items may become contaminated by feeding or related rodent activity. Deposits of waste and carrion may transmit serious illnesses that harm restaurant visitors and employees. Worst of all, the sighting of a single mouse or rat can severely damage the reputations of even the best-loved local restaurant. Let’s take a look at some rodent prevention secrets for Wichita restaurant owners.

How Wichita Rodents Get Into Restaurants

(And What You Can Do About It)

Rodents are clever little devils and use every opportunity to their advantage when attempting to infiltrate your local restaurant. They may choose to gain access to your facility by:

  • Breaking through the wood, drywall, or screens
  • Entering into cracks and gaps around the premises
  • Jumping from rooftop to rooftop in order to find structural weaknesses

Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent this from happening to you. Consider the following points as you craft a prevention strategy:

  • Make sure that all doors remain closed when not in use. Unless you have screens installed, it will not be wise to leave propped doors open without supervision. The same goes for any windows or portholes that may be left open.
  • Do not allow any standing water to build up on the property. These small puddles may provide enough hydration to fuel an entire colony of rodents. Speak with a local repairman for issues related to piping or drains. Otherwise, you may try to handle things yourself by installing dehumidifiers as necessary.
  • Clean up all food messes as promptly as possible, vowing to go the extra mile in cleanliness. Sweep, vacuum, and otherwise mop all areas of the food prep and dining area.
  • Store trash in its proper location during operating hours, and quickly dispose of all garbage at the end of the day.

Alta Pest Control – The Best Way To Ensure That Rodents Don’t Get In

Rodents are difficult pests to handle, and difficult creatures to remove entirely from your small business. That’s why the best way to ensure rodents won’t break into your Wichita restaurant is to develop a plan with the pest control professionals at Alta Pest Control

We are Wichita’s best-kept secret for keeping rats and mice out of small businesses, using our highly trained technicians and professional-grade products to wipe rodents out for good.  To secure your business with a prevention or treatment plan, call your local branch of Alta Pest Control right away. We don’t just believe in average pest control - we believe in taking things a step higher. Call or visit us today!


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