Five Easy Ways To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Tukwila Home

Sometimes pests just have a way of making things even worse. This is the case when pantry pests invade your Tukwila home. As their name implies, these are pests known to get into your pantry and more specifically, your food.

While numerous species fall under this broad category, there are three main types of pantry pests to watch out for, which are as follows:

  • Moths: Primarily, this relates to the meal moth and the Indian meal moth. Both are known to feed on several different flour and grain products, but it's the Indian meal moth that is most often found in homes.
  • Beetles: Several species of beetles invade the home ranging from the flour beetle to the drugstore beetle. In general, they are about 1/8 inch long and possess an oval-shaped body. They primarily feed on spices, macaroni, and other grain-based foods.
  • Weevils: This pest feeds primarily on whole grains and seeds or in the case of bean weevils, they feed on dried beans and peas. Only the bean weevil lacks the telltale snout that other weevil breeds possess.

Five Prevention Tips For Pantry Pests

Like with most pests, it's important to practice good sanitation and food storage to prevent and control pantry moth infestations. Some additional tips to consider include:

  • Avoid Damaged Boxes: If you see the boxes that look damaged or are compromised, it's a good idea to move on to the next box. It's the only way you can be sure the food is still securely sealed, which keeps you protected. Once the seal is broken, it's a free party for any pantry pests in the store.
  • Bulk Food Items: Any bulk food item is automatically a prime target for these pests. They tend to sit on shelves longer, which allows more opportunity for pantry pests to force their way inside. If you see moths or beetles on or near shelves, it's likely there's an active infestation.
  • Tightly Sealed: All food items should be stored in tightly sealed containers that can't be penetrated. That means not relying on plastic bags and instead of using glass containers with lids that seal shut. Also, it's a good idea to refrigerate any flour or similar foods when the weather is warmer.
  • Seal The Entry Points: It's not just through existing food items that pantry pests can invade your home. They can also crawl through any crevice, hole, or crack big enough for them to squeeze through. Considering how small they are, this won't take much effort on their part.
  • Check The Screens And Door Sweeps: Especially in the case of moths, which can fly, it's vital to remain vigilant in checking on any window screens or door sweeps that might be damaged. If there's an opening, they'll take advantage.

Eliminate Pantry Pests With Alta Pest Control

There's nothing quite as frustrating as a pest infestation in the home except when that infestation directly affects your food supply. Not only does this lead to food contamination, but it also costs you additional money to replace these foods. Our team at Alta Pest Control understands that, which is why we work quickly to eliminate these troublesome pests from your Tukwila home.

With any pest problem, we always begin with a thorough inspection. This allows us to identify the pantry pest in question as well as how severe the infestation has become. Once we've answered these questions, we can get to work on getting your Tukwila home to become pest-free again. If you're suffering from a pantry pest infestation, then give our team at Alta Pest Control a call or go online to start the process of removing these pests from your home.


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