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Did you know that Alta Pest Control has many years of experience in successfully providing pest extermination services to commercial customers? We perform comprehensive customized services for medical facilities, apartment complexes, schools, office environments, restaurants, and in a host of other settings. Businesses both large and small recognize the importance of protecting their reputation and the safety of patrons by remaining free of unwanted pests.

Common Pest-Control Problems In Business Environments

Pests may create problems in commercial settings based on many factors, such as:

  • Bed Bugs: Parasitic pests such as bed bugs prefer businesses where people sleep, which makes hotels, nursing homes, college dormitories, and multi-unit apartment buildings very susceptible. It is increasingly common for office environments to also become infested with bed bugs when unknowingly transferred inside bags, boxes, or other belongings.
  • Cockroaches: Once inside your business, cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate. They are very mobile and eat just about anything. Any commercial setting that stores, cooks, or sells food is vulnerable to these intrusions. They are known to spread salmonellosis, cholera, E. coli, and other diseases.
  • Rodents: Mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents are incredibly problematic in a whole host of commercial environments, including restaurants, supermarkets, and self-storage facilities. They may cause leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, and other problems. Rodents also can create significant property damage by chewing through wiring or tunneling through drywall and insulation, leaving a trail of excrement.
  • Fleas: Ticks and fleas are parasites that are most commonly associated with domestic pets that can spread various diseases. In recent years, more hotels now offer pet-friendly lodging and this may be one emerging area of concern.  
  • Termites: An infestation of termites can result in very costly property damage that is often not covered by insurance policies. Any business that has structures or furnishings composed of wood may be at risk of being eaten away by these troublesome pests.

Our Customized Commercial Pest Control Plans Proactively Protect Your Business

Business owners in the greater Tukwila region are encouraged to consider a comprehensive pest protection plan from the specialists here at Alta Pest Control. We design a strategy that is specifically tailored for the individual needs of your business that is both a responsible and affordable decision. Our commercial customers understand that an aggressive approach toward prevention keeps pests out and avoids the costs and potential harm to your business that can result from a full-blown infestation.

Promptly Responding To Intrusions From Pests

Has your business recently been invaded by bothersome pests? Avoid making the mistake of attempting to use the various store-bought do-it-yourself treatment options that are widely marketed today. Many of these products contain harsh chemical formulas and commonly are insufficient for fully eliminating significant pest intrusions. Promptly reaching out to a licensed local pest controller is the best overall solution.

Experienced Provider Of Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Tukwila

The seasoned team of professionals at Alta Pest Control has been delivering excellent results for Tukwila businesses large and small for many years now. What has been our formula for such lasting success? We take the time to thoroughly inspect the property inside and outside to identify and locate the source of a pest invasion.  

Our customers appreciate that our company remains family-owned and is fully committed to safety. We use many of the latest treatments recommended by the National Pest Management Association and stand confidently behind the quality of our work with a pest-free guarantee. Contact us today for a no-obligation inspection and estimate.


The Ardent Pest Control Solution

As a family-owned business, Ardent Pest Control has been working together for the last 10 years to eliminate pests in peoples homes. In 2012, we set out on a mission to provide safe and effective pest control solutions for our clients. We are committed not only in the quality of service but also with sustainable practices that will help you save money over time while protecting your home or business from critters like cockroaches and termites!

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