A Guide To American Cockroach Control For Tukwila Property Owner

American Cockroach

One of the most difficult pests to keep out of your Tukwila home is the American cockroach. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most dangerous pests. To keep roaches out of your home, you need to take action. Check out our guide to American cockroaches and learn how to protect your Tukwila property.

American Cockroach

Identifying The Problem

Not all cockroaches are the same. As far as Tukwila pests go, the American cockroach is one of the most invasive. It's long and measures about three inches in length. Typically, this type of roach is mahogany or reddish-brown. It has a yellowish area outlining its head.

The biggest of the local cockroaches, the American cockroach, has an imposing appearance. It's not actually from America and doesn't belong in your home. Usually, people don't know they have American cockroaches until there's an infestation. All it takes is a few roaches to create a large colony.

If you see any of the following signs, you should call a residential pest control company to check for cockroaches:

  • Fecal matter
  • Stains on your walls
  • Egg casings
  • Shed skins
  • Property damage
  • Foul odor

Whether you suspect an infestation or you've seen live roaches in your home, you need to get help. The problem will only worsen. With the help of an experienced technician, you can say goodbye to your cockroaches.

Dangers Of American Cockroaches

Having cockroaches around can do more than just give you the chills. In addition to being unattractive, cockroaches are also dangerous. They have the potential to carry serious diseases, which are easily spread to humans. When they walk across your surfaces, they leave a trail of bacteria and pathogens.

American cockroaches also cause allergies. If you or a loved one has allergies, you won't enjoy being near cockroaches. Their feces and shed skins can cause discomfort. The more roaches you have in your home, the worse the reaction will be.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you don't want to be troubled by cockroaches, you need to take steps to keep them outside. All of these tips may deter cockroaches:


Too much clutter will attract cockroaches. Clutter gives cockroaches places to hide and also means there are probably crumbs laying around. If you have a cluttered home, you're likely to have cockroaches. Every so often, think about what you can do to limit clutter.


When there are crumbs, cockroaches thrive. You can take away their food by cleaning your home on a regular basis. After a meal, use your sponge to clean the table and counters. If there are crumbs left anyway, cockroaches may be right at home.

To deter roaches, vacuum and mop your floor as often as possible. It helps to get into a schedule. Once every three or four months, do a deep clean of your home. Get behind your refrigerator, oven, and other appliances.

Store Trash Properly

Your garbage should not be easy to access. Although it's simple to throw away food in an open can, it's just as simple for a cockroach to climb into the can. If you don't want cockroaches around, store your garbage in cans with lids.

Don't Handle It Alone

The worst mistake a homeowner could make is to handle a cockroach infestation alone. Unfortunately, you don't have the training or resources needed to handle roach problems. Most DIY methods are ineffective.

Don't waste your time and money or risk your health with potentially toxic sprays. Instead, trust us at Alta Pest Control. At the first sign of American cockroaches, we'll be ready to help. Call us to treat a current infestation or to prevent roaches from ever entering.


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