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What are Earwigs?

Earwigs can be a very unpleasant looking creature and will sneak into your home without you being aware. It can take some time for them to be discovered once they are inside. Earwigs are night-shifters and hide in dark areas that are difficult to reach. They only emerge at night to hunt for food.

Some types of Earwigs have wings but they can't fly. They are most well-known for their pincers, which they use to protect themselves from other insects. The adult earwigs can grow up to a quarter inch in length. Their long, slender bodies are reddish-brown and have a slimmer shape.

Earwigs are believed to burrow into people's ears while they sleep. This myth is unfounded and has no scientific basis. Many people are afraid of earwigs because of the pincers at the back of their abdomens. These pincers are used by earwigs to defend themselves and spar with other earwigs.

What kinds of Earwigs are there?

close up of a earwig on a green leaf

Behavior and Habitat of Earwigs


Biology and habits of different types of insects are not the same. Earwigs prefer to live in moist, un-managed areas. If conditions are right, earwigs can become a serious problem in your garden. Earwigs can thrive in gardens that have adequate ground cover, food, and moist soil.


Earwigs eat either decaying or live plants. In rare cases, they can also eat predatory species. Learn more about What earwigs eat.

Get Moving

Earwigs move very fast. Earwigs are fast-moving and will run quickly when ground litter is removed.


Night is when earwigs are most active. They hide in damp places and cracks during the day. They can be found under logs, rocks, and mulch in flowerbeds. Earwigs eat plants as well as insects.

Attracted to Lighting

Lights attract earwigs. Earwigs can be a nuisance when they are outside on hot summer nights. They will be collected under cushions or other items that have been left out overnight.

Signs for Earwigs

They are often found in places where water is available, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundries. Earwigs can also be found in bedrooms and family rooms. Earwigs can be found in every room of the house but infestations is rare.


The average number of eggs a female lays is between 30-50, but the exact numbers vary depending on the species. The nymphs go through four to five molts after hatching until they turn into adults. The nymphs, or immature earwigs, look similar to adults but do not have wings. Learn more about the earwigs' life cycle.

How to keep Earwigs from your Home?

To keep earwigs away from a house, it is important to create conditions that are inhospitable to their success. Install a vapor barrier in a crawlspace to keep them out. If there is still excess moisture, dry it using dehumidification.

If earwigs wander in from outside, ensure that the door sweeps at the bottom fit tight and that there are no cracks in the foundation. You can install screens on brick weep holes. All window screens should be installed securely.

Earwigs can be prevented from entering your home or apartment by doing a little bit of preparation and inspection once a year. The pest control professionals can also offer advice and tools to help keep earwigs away from your home.

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Earwigs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Earwigs dangerous?

Earwigs are quite intimidating and have pincers. However, they are mostly nuisance pests. They are not a danger to our property or people.

Earwigs can be found in gardens. They can cause damage to plants in large numbers, but this is not an issue.

Earwigs are considered pests because they can migrate in large numbers if the conditions allow. They are very difficult to eradicate once they have entered your home.

Do I have an Earwigs problem?

Earwigs love areas with moisture and decaying organic material. These insects eat other insects, garbage, or decaying organic material. They will also chew through cardboard and paper items and attempt to eat them.

Earwigs seek moisture and will only live in areas where there are problems. They will often move inside your home through cracks in the foundation and under doors once they have established themselves near your home. These pests can also get in through windows and doors that are not properly secured.

Where will I find Earwigs?

Earwigs can be found in gardens, under-mauved soil, dense vegetation, leaf piles, and areas that are densely wooded.

Homeowners often discover earwigs living in their homes when they search for cool, damp places to live. They are attracted to pipes, drains, sump pumps, and sinks. Earwigs prefer to take over crawl spaces, basements, and bathrooms.

How do I get rid of Earwigs?

Alta Pest Control is a family-owned business that can get rid of earwigs in your home or office. Our fast response times give you peace of mind that your pest problems are solved and won't come back. Our pest control experts use the most recent and effective products to eradicate earwigs from your home. Find out why Alta Pest Control is the preferred pest control company for your neighborhood. Give us a shout today!

How can I prevent Earwigs in the future?

You can prevent earwig problems by partnering Alta Pest Control.

  • If you keep things in places that are likely to retain moisture in your home, make sure they are stored in plastic containers with locking lids and not in cardboard boxes.
  • Before bringing items back to your home, thoroughly inspect them for earwigs.
  • Check that gutters are properly maintained and directed away from your foundation.
  • Remove all vegetation from the foundation.
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation and apply door sweeps to exterior doors.
  • Repair damaged or torn window or door screens.
  • To stop pests entering your home, cover drains and vents.
  • To lower the moisture level, use dehumidifiers. Earwigs can enter homes through excess moisture.


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