Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Tukwila Home

When you think of common pest problems, your mind might go straight to bugs like ants, spiders, or wasps. However, rodents are an extremely prevalent pest problem in the Tukwila area, and they are also one of the most difficult kinds of pests to deal with.

Mice and rats might be unique species, but they have a lot of similarities in how they behave and the type of issues they cause. They can both destroy property and put your health at risk, and they are also invasive and hard to remove.

The first step in handling a rodent infestation is to know what the different species in the area look like. There are two common species of mice in the area, field mice and house mice, and two common species of rats, roof rats, and Norway rats. Here is a brief overview of what they look like:

  • Field mice have chestnut or dark brown hair with blunt noses and short ears. They generally live outside near buildings, so they can easily come inside for food.
  • House mice have light brown or grey fur, and their noses are more pointed. They are often found inside homes.
  • Roof rats are a thinner rodent species that commonly climb walls and structures to get onto roofs. They are dark brown or black with pointed noses.
  • Norway rats have brownish-grey fur and blunt noses. They generally live near the ground level.

Why Rodents Are So Dangerous

Mice and rats pose three main kinds of concerns for homeowners. First of all, they can cause property damage as they constantly gnaw on anything from wires to plumbing to furniture. Secondly, and worst of all, is that they pose many health risks including the spread of 35 different illnesses, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and the spread of parasites. And, thirdly, they often get into people and pet food and contaminate it.

Because of all these concerns, rodents are a serious problem, and knowing how to identify an infestation early on makes it much easier to control. To help you pick up on signs of a rodent infestation, we’ve put together a shortlist of what to watch out for:

  • Look for small, rod-shaped droppings especially in attics, crawl spaces, basements, and near floorboards.
  • Check around your home for gnaw marks in walls, on furniture, or around drywall.
  • Be aware of any sudden urine or musty odors that aren't there before.
  • Pet behavior can also indicate rodent infestations. Pets will often seem like they are trying to find something in walls.
  • Listen for sounds of scratching or scurrying coming from walls.
  • Why It’s Not Safe To Remove Rodents On Your Own

The biggest obstacle when attempting to remove a rodent infestation by yourself is that doing so is rarely effective. The most common DIY (do it yourself) removal methods include using traps and bait, but these fixes usually only get part of the infestation and rarely get rid of every single rodent.

Plus, both of these methods pose some safety risks especially if you have young children or pets in the house. Pets and children could accidentally get their paws or fingers smashed in some traditional mouse traps, and many bait options are brightly colored poison that pets or kids could attempt to eat. So, overall, it may be too risky to use these options.

Why Professional Help Is The Way To Go

The fact that rodents pose so many health and safety risks means they are a serious concern. An infestation poses many health and safety issues and attempting rodent removal on your own is not the best idea. Instead, call the professionals at Alta Pest Control who will use effective methods and safe products. Our plans are customizable, and we even offer emergency services. Discover more, or request a free inspection, by contacting us at Alta Pest Control today online or over the phone.


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