Why Can't I Get These Cockroaches Out Of My Wichita Home?

Pest infestations are no fun for any Wichita homeowners by default. However, when it's a cockroach invasion, the news goes from bad to worse. While they seem harmless at first despite being known as gross, cockroaches actually present a clear danger that varies depending on the species of cockroach in question.

The most common species found in Wichita are:

  • German Cockroach: Light brown in color, this breed of cockroach is the most likely one you'll find indoors. While they're tiny, only growing up to 1/2" in length, they reproduce rapidly quickly overwhelming a property.
  • Oriental Cockroach: Not quite as common, the oriental cockroach is known to invade homes and is much grosser than its cousin thanks to living in garbage and decayed matter. You'll find them in or near sewer lines and other dark and damp places.

Besides their large numbers, cockroaches are especially annoying for homeowners because they're so formidable. Unlike many other pests, this one can adapt to nearly any environmental change including different food sources. That's right!  There's no such thing as starving them out since they possess specialized enzymes that assist them with digesting foods other pests wouldn't touch, much less eat.

How They Get Inside

Cockroaches get inside your home the same way most other pests accomplish this feat. They slip through cracks, crevices, holes, and other similar openings. In some cases, people actually bring them inside the home directly because they were in a box or other package.

With Oriental cockroaches, they get into your home mostly through openings centered on your sewer line. If there's a leak or extra space between the pipe and wall or flooring, then they have an easy way to get inside. Keep in mind that cockroaches love to hide, so the more clutter you have in the home, the more likely you are to suffer from a cockroach infestation since they won't want to leave.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Equals Failure

When you see a cockroach, it's only natural you want to jump right into the action without breaking the bank. DIY pest prevention has seen a boom, especially with cockroach infestations. However, even the most diligent application of DIY pest control is doomed to fail for a number of reasons, which include but aren't limited to:

  • Resilience: Seriously, taking out a cockroach is extremely difficult. They've been known to survive up to a week after losing their head. They're also resistant to drowning and extreme temperatures. This toughness leads to a problem we'll cover in a moment.
  • Small Size: Their small size means they can slip into the tiniest of openings, making it child's play to hide from your efforts to evict them from your home.  For this reason, you'll never catch them all.
  • Speed: Their tiny size is bad enough but when you add in their speed of three miles per hour and you're going to have a hard time catching them even if they're out in the open.
  • Torture Resistant: Starving them out is nearly impossible since they can go without food for a month. However, the one bright spot is they can only survive without water for a week. If you can eliminate water sources, you at least have a chance.
  • Rapid Reproduction: Tied to the first point, this is the single biggest problem. They're resilient enough, but they also can produce as many as 48 eggs at a time depending on the species. What was once a big problem will quickly become an overwhelming problem.

Eliminate The Cockroaches With Alta Pest Control

Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation. When cockroaches invade, these feelings go right out the window. That's why our team at Alta Pest Control works with you to quickly identify the source of the infestation and eliminate the cockroaches, so you can go back to having a pest-free home. We have prevention and service plans available, call us today or reach out to us online at Alta Pest Control.


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