Why Are There Fleas In My Tukwila Home?

Danger comes in many shapes, sizes, and, well, bugs. When it comes to these almost microscopic pests, danger is their middle name. Fleas are hitchhiking parasites that cause a plethora of problems in Tukwila homes, especially for those with pets. Although these creatures can’t be seen with the naked eye, they can be felt in other forms: flea dirt piles, itchy red bites, and strangely sweet smells amassing in the home.

Fleas generally come from wildlife and rodent populations, but pets such as cats and dogs may also accumulate these creatures while running about the lawn. Yet, pets aren’t the only way to bring fleas into the house. In fact, these creatures may hitchhike home with humans as well as their pets! Do what you can this spring to keep fleas out for the rest of the year.

Prevent Fleas From Starting In Your Tukwila Home

Despite their prevalence, fleas don’t have to be an inevitability in your Tukwila home. It is perfectly possible to keep fleas off the property and out in the wild for years without incident. Here are a couple of the most popular ways to prevent fleas from starting a presence around your residential home:

  • The biggest and most important step is to address any rodent or wildlife problems that could be bringing fleas closer to the home. Mice, rats, raccoons, and other outdoor mammals carry a plethora of pests and parasites wherever they go. Fleas are by far some of the most prevalent of these pests, and often hop off their wildlife carriers to establish a new presence inside the home. Get a free home inspection through Alta Pest Control to determine what your wildlife control needs should be.
  • Clear yard debris such as leaf piles, weeds, and even compost from the lawn. Throw garbage away as often as possible, and keep the lawn fresh, clean, and overgrowth-free as much as you can.
  • Treat any outdoor or indoor pets for flea activity. There are many types of flea treatments available on the market today, ranging from oral and tablet medications to topical ointments or collars. Speak with your local veterinarian for additional information regarding pets and flea treatments.
  • Don’t let your home become a magnet for fleas. Get the protection you need with a complimentary inspection from Alta Pest Control.

Be Flea Free With Alta Pest Control  

Whether or not you have pets living in your Tukwila home, introducing fleas into the house can be a bad omen indeed. Not only will you need to be concerned about bites, flea dirt, and possible disease transmission, but the acquisition of fleas makes your home extremely unaccommodating to friends and family members alike. Do what you can to keep fleas out of the house, and enact prevention measures that take your security into account. However, if fleas continuously pose a problem to your Tukwila home, it will be time to invest in professional care that has your needs in mind.

Alta Pest Control is Tukwila's number one pest prevention agency specializing in the treatment and removal of fleas. Nearly a decade of professional services and years of dedicated flea treatments have provided us with extensive flea knowledge. We are passionate about protecting your home from infestations, and even more, dedicated to the proper prevention and mitigation of pest species before they ever become a problem. As a locally owned and family-operated enterprise, we truly care about you, your family, and the wellbeing of your home. Call Alta Pest Control right away to get a free household inspection and confirm a treatment plan that is right for you. We’re taking bugs (like fleas) to a better place. Schedule a visit today and see for yourself!



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