Who Else Wants To Keep Spiders Out Of Their Tukwila Home?

You’ve seen their ‘powers’ clearly displayed on the big screen for years, but are these ferociously fanged pests truly as incredible as they seem? The answer is no.

Spiders have never possessed any great powers, but perhaps there are still some hopeful holdouts that allow arachnids to bite them every year just in case we're wrong (we're not). Sadly, a bite from a run-of-the-mill Tukwila spider won't send you swinging from Manhattan skyscrapers any time soon. A shortlist of the most common arachnid species in Tukwila include:

  • The Wolf Spider
  • The Cellar Spider
  • The Jumping Spider
  • The Brown Recluse
  • The Black Widow

While not all of the above species are dangerous, two, in particular, are both rare and potentially life-threatening. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are shy and almost entirely conflict-avoidant. However, a bite from one of these spiders will cause severe pain and should receive immediate medical attention. Thankfully, most spider species are harmless and cannot puncture human skin. Yet, they are usually not a welcome sight in the average Tukwila home.

How Tukwila Homeowners Keep Spiders Locked Out For Good

These helpful spider-prevention tips have helped Tukwila homeowners stay safe and healthy since 2013.

  • A great place to start with spider prevention is by eliminating any other pests that spiders could be feeding on. Regular pest control services are an excellent way of eliminating pest prey species in the home.
  • Consistently maintain proper food and trash storage in the home, clearing clutter, sweeping away webs, and vacuuming often.
  • Addressing moisture issues in the home is a good way to mitigate both spider activity and the pest prey they feed on.
  • Identify and seal up potential entry points by checking screens and door sweeps, as well as checking for cracks within the foundation and walls of the home.

Still fuzzy about the type of spider disturbing your peace? Get answers now by scheduling a home inspection through Alta Pest Control today.

Smack Down The Spider Hordes With Alta Pest Control

Movies about a friendly neighborhood spider catching bad guys are always exciting, but watching real spiders spin webs in your home is a little less so. Using their incredible sense of smell and haptic feedback, spiders are predators that many homeowners have trouble shaking off. If you currently have a spider infestation inside your home, it will take a lot more than DIY methods or home remedies to boot them back out again.

Some readers may be tempted to despair when caught in the sticky spider’s web of infestation, but take heart! Arachnid kingdoms certainly aren’t built in a day. In fact, adequate protections and assertive pest control efforts may be just what you need to restore your home to its pest-free glory.

Contact the friendly faces of Alta Pest Control now for spider advice or assistance with your Tukwila property. Operating as seasoned pest control operatives since the early 2010s, our company takes pride in delivering safe, affordable, and responsible pest control treatments to all our Tukwila patrons. By inspecting the compromised areas both before and after treatments, tech agents provide homeowners with the service, feedback, and advice they deserve to continue living a pest-free lifestyle.

Call the main Tukwila office at Alta Pest Control today and get started with a residential treatment plan that’s right for you. For faster assistance, get all your questions answered in advance by contacting us via our virtual form. Let’s get started!


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