What Overwintering Pests Are And What They Mean For Your Wichita Home

The weather outside is frightful and it's a good idea to bundle up if you must go outside. Unfortunately, it's also a good idea to watch out for pests seeking to come inside to wait out the cold months. This process is known as overwintering and can leave your Wichita home vulnerable as soon as the weather becomes warm again.

This period of hibernation actually begins in the fall when they start scouting out sites that have shelter, food, and water. More importantly, which of those sites are accessible. If you're reading this and thinking, "my home meets those needs," then it's time to look closely in locations like attic spaces and wall voids for the first signs of these overwintering pests.

What Pests Commonly Overwinter

While all kinds of pests like to come inside, these are the most common invaders you'll face in your Wichita home:

  • Stink Bugs: Known for their invasive nature, this pest is also quite smelly as their name implies. They love to come inside during winter and will do in large numbers. Large numbers of any pest is always a concern for homeowners.
  • Asian Lady Beetles: Fortunately, they're fairly harmless, but there have been cases of aggravated asthma and allergic reactions for some people. Plus, they emit a liquid that can stain surfaces and leaves behind a smell.
  • Boxelder Bugs: Mostly annoying, this pest gets in through insulated cracks and crevices and is known to cause fabric discoloration. Plus, they bite if handled, which only adds to the annoyance level.
  • Mice: Not a traditional overwintering pest, but their desire to get inside at this time of year cannot be ignored. Like any mammal, they absolutely need heat to survive, which means your home is a haven for these furry animals. Unfortunately, they cause property damage and health problems while forcing their way in, making them a pest that is best prevented from the start.

Prevention Tips

The power of pest prevention is what will save your home during the winter months. While there are some tips like deep cleaning that should be done in the fall, there are some tips you can follow even in the winter. These tips include but aren't limited to:

  • Inspection Matters: Even in the winter, you want to inspect the exterior of your home. This is especially necessary after heavy snow, ice, or rain event since repairs may be needed when you previously didn't need any.
  • Seal Everything Up: After you inspect the perimeter, take the time to seal up any potential entry point you may have missed during the last inspection. Blocking them now means you won't have to worry about mid-winter invasions.
  • Make Repairs: Was there actual damage found during your inspection? Now is the time to make repairs. The longer you wait, the more likely any pest, but especially overwintering pests will make your home their home.
  • Clean: The deep clean should have already been performed, so the winter months should be more of an ongoing touch-up. Active cleanliness is a deterrent for most pests and is possibly the easiest to maintain.

No More Overwintering Pests With Alta Pest Control

Overwintering pests only prove that pest control is an all-year problem, which is why our team at Alta Pest Control works with you to keep you pest-free all year long. We offer quarterly treatments as well as specific services like rodent control. If you need pest control services, our team at Alta Pest Control is ready to ensure that overwintering is one less concern for you and your family. Give us a call today or reach out to us online.


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