Tukwila Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Flea Control

If you think seeing is believing, then you might have a hard time dealing with these tiny household pests! Fleas in Tukwila affect a whole lot more than just your furry friends (and there's a lot more than just one species, too). In fact, there are over 2,500 different species recorded around the world! The most common of these are called ‘cat fleas,’ perhaps best known for their plaguing of residential homes and businesses. However, many types of fleas could be affecting your home and family this winter.

You won’t be able to identify them by sight, but you can feel them out by identifying symptoms such as:

  • The development of itchy bites on the skin
  • Flea dirt found on pets or other owned animals
  • Scratching or itchy pets
  • Pets experiencing unusual hair loss

In order to effectively control fleas in the home, it is important to understand exactly how, where, and why they approach residential homes in the first place.

Fleas come from wild areas of the lawn or backyard, often hiding in debris piles or fallen leaves. These insects are incredibly patient and will spend a significant amount of time waiting for warm-blooded victims to come calling. Once a flea has found a host, it will begin setting down a plan for the future by laying eggs within the thick fur of animals. This can lead to reoccurring pest problems, especially if the animal is an indoor house pet in Tukwila! Flea infestations can start seemingly from nowhere, and last a long time unless treatment is received right away.

Prevent Tukwila Fleas From Entering Your Residential Home

Below are some important flea prevention tips for homeowners with or without indoor pets. It is important to note that these points will only be effective in households that have not already begun to experience the side effects of pest infestation. The presence of fleas will require the ongoing care of a professional pest control company such as Alta Pest Control.

These three simple steps make flea prevention easier than ever:

  1. If you do have indoor or outdoor pets, it will be important to invest in their flea care and treatments all year round. There are many types of treatments available in today’s market, including oral pills, topical agents, and flea collars. Talk to your veterinarian about the types of treatments that could serve you best.
  2. Clear yard debris by raking up fallen leaves, removing weed piles, and disposing of any tarps or toys that could be retaining water.
  3. Deter wildlife or rodent hosts from poking around the lawn by setting clear pest control efforts both outside and inside the home.  

Your property may require additional tips or prevention steps before becoming completely insured against flea activity. Find help with Alta Pest Control, Tukwila’s number one flea control agency in residential homes.

Fight Fleas With Alta Pest Control

For more advice or assistance in the removal of cat fleas in the home, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Alta Pest Control at your earliest convenience. We offer a responsible pest control plan that protects homeowners without the muss and fuss of dangerous chemicals. We harness the power of education to eradicate pests for good! The customer comes first in our industry, and we strive to make every member of the Alta Pest Control family feel acknowledged, cared for, and appreciated.  

Schedule a visit with a home pest control professional when you call the Tukwila branch of Alta Pest Control today. We’re looking forward to serving you as best we can (and impressing you in the process)! Call, click, or visit with us today to get started!


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