Is It Dangerous To Have House Spiders In My Tukwila Home?

In Tukwila, there are several species of spiders you want to avoid at all costs, but what about house spiders? Can you avoid these nuisances, and are they that bad? Learn whether or not house spiders are dangerous, and what you should do about them in your home.

About The House Spider

The common house spider refers to a specific group of spiders that often live with humans, taking up residence in local homes and businesses. Out of all the spiders in Tukwila, the house spider is one of the most common. The female often measures between five and eight millimeters long, but the males are smaller.

Typically, this type of spider is brown or dark gray and has visible leg markings or stripes. Compared to other spiders, the common house spider tends to have thin legs and thick bodies. They build disorganized webs in the corners of homes. If you see more of them, don’t be alarmed. Usually, the spiders were already there and simply grew or became more noticeable.

It’s easy to confuse a house spider with a brown recluse or black widow. When you look at the webs of these spiders, they look similar. Furthermore, at first glance, the large abdomen of the house spider seems similar to the abdomen of a recluse or black widow. If you have a hard time telling apart the spiders, you can consult with a pest control professional.

The Dangers Of House Spiders

Despite looking somewhat similar to highly venomous spiders, house spiders don’t have a painful bite. All spiders have venom and fangs. But most people don’t regard house spiders as harmful to humans. Although they use venom on their prey, house spiders rarely use them on humans. They have small fangs and an even smaller amount of venom. If a house spider bites you, there’s a minimal chance you will have a negative reaction.

These spiders are unlikely to bite you. Typically, they remain in the webs that provide the most abundant source of food. You’re most likely to experience a bite if you try to handle or crush the spider. If you are bit and have a reaction, you could develop a rash or hives. As soon as you notice a reaction, contact a medical professional for advice.

At the very least, house spiders are annoying. Their webs are messy, and their presence may be unsettling. And the small risk of a bite could be enough for you to want to keep them away.

What It Means To Have House Spiders

If house spiders are unlikely to bite and cause a reaction, why wouldn’t you want them around? A house spider infestation is a sign you have other pests in your home. The only time house spiders stick around is when there is food available. Although house spiders may not be dangerous, the pests they eat could be.

To make sure house spiders and the pests they eat remain outside, you can take some pest prevention steps. This means practicing proper food and trash storage and cleaning up your home frequently. Look for potential pest entrances, like holes in your screens and gaps around your window. If you can keep other insects out of your home, house spiders won’t want to remain inside. With no food available to them, common house spiders will go elsewhere.

In any case, keeping pests and spiders out is no small task. If you don’t have experience with pest control, you could find yourself fighting a losing battle. For help protecting your home, contact the experts at Alta Pest Control.


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