How To Tell If Your Tukwila Property Has A Carpenter Ant Problem

Spotting a pest or two wandering around your Tukwila property doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for your home, but finding a colony of these fearsome wood-eaters is another story entirely!

Carpenter ants in Tukwila are anything but friendly, with centuries of property destruction, painful bites, and wood cannibalism in their long-lived history. Ants are usually fairly easy to identify by their segmented bodies and six legs, but there are some characteristics of carpenter ants that are uniquely their own. These include:

  • Large body frames up to ½ inch long at peak maturity
  • Dark brown or black exoskeletons
  • An evenly rounded thorax
  • A single node located between the ant’s thorax and abdomen
  • A circle of small hairs or bristles extruding from the pest’s backside

Knowing exactly what a carpenter ant looks like is important for homeowners all over Tukwila. Not only will proper identification provide a clearer path to treatment, but it may save dozens of headaches by removing the threat of wood destruction.

In fact, chewing through wooden objects is exactly what carpenter ants do best. In nature, these pests strip through fallen trees and logs to make a home. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites. Instead, these creatures boreholes that tunnel from one end of the wood to another. When this activity happens in a home environment, the consequences can be dire.

Finding The Signs Of Tukwila Carpenter Ant Activity

If a carpenter ant infestation is already present around your Tukwila home, you may notice some of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Piles of wood shavings (also called frass) near wooden objects
  • The presence of winged ants inside or outside the home
  • Soft rustling noises coming from the walls
  • Sagging walls, ill-fitting doors and windows, and other strange misalignments

Thanks to their large mandibles and wood-eating prowess, carpenter ants may gain access to your home in several ways. Ants may choose to bore through the wood around the outside of your home to gain entry. More probable is the scenario where small gaps, cracks, and crevices were leveraged to find the perfect nesting site. In any case, carpenter ants should be prevented from entering the home using proven prevention techniques.  

Carpenter ant activity around the home may be difficult to spot, but relatively simple to prevent before it occurs. Here are some ways to protect your home from encroaching Carpenter ant activity:

  • Reduce the number of entry points present around the home. Seal up cracks, gaps, or any other crevices with a waterproof sealant such as caulking.
  • Keep your home in tip-top shape. Some home repairs may be made yourself, such as repairing weatherproofing on doors. Other repairs should be addressed with some help from a local repairman.
  • Eliminate the amount of deadwood available on your property. Pick up sticks and fallen branches as often as possible. Stack firewood in neat rows away from the sides of the home.

For more tips and tricks, schedule a home inspection with Alta Pest Control.

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