How To Keep Yellow Jackets Away From Your Yard

If there’s one pest that you don’t want to have a stand-off with, it’s the yellow jacket. Yellowjackets are a type of wasp named after their black and yellow bodies. What makes yellow jackets particularly dangerous are their small barbs and lance-like stingers – unlike honeybees, yellow jackets can sting you as many times as they like without losing their stingers.

These wasps can spell bad news for anyone that has a yellow jacket nest on their property, so here’s how you can keep them out of your yard.

Are Yellow Jackets In Your Yard Dangerous?

Yellowjackets may never be a welcome sight on your property, but they’re also a dangerous one. Like any bee sting, yellow jackets have the potential to cause a deadly reaction in anyone who’s allergic.

However, even if you’re not allergic, yellow jackets can still be dangerous. These wasps are aggressive defenders of their nests, and they don’t need a reason to sting you – and they’ll sting you as many times as they want to.

During the summer months, the presence of yellow jackets can be especially hazardous. These bees enjoy building their colonies underground, and the vibrations from a lawnmower or someone walking nearby could trigger a swarm attack of thousands.

How To Handle A Yellow Jacket Nest On Your Property

If there’s one pest that you don’t want to ignore, it’s the yellow jacket. Once they discover a yellow jacket nest on their property, some homeowners might make the mistake of attempting to deal with it on their own – but trying to handle a nest on your own is often ineffective and extremely dangerous.

Given how aggressive they are, your safest option is to leave yellow jacket control up to the professionals – like those of us at Alta Pest Control. Our specialists not only have the training and experience to effectively rid your property of yellow jackets, but we have the gear to do it safely as well.

At Alta Pest Control, we’ll find the root of your yellow jacket problem, and then we’ll put preventative measures in place to ensure these wasps don’t make a reappearance. If you’ve discovered a yellow jacket nest on your property (or you just suspect that there may be one), don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our stinging insect control program.

How To Prevent Yellow Jackets On Your Property

While the occasional yellow jacket may be normal, there are things you can do to prevent these stinging insects from taking up residence on your property, such as:

  • Yellowjackets are attracted to sugary sweets and sources of protein, so reduce access to food by keeping trash bins sealed.
  • After cookouts, BBQs, or other outdoor events, make sure you thoroughly clean up scraps or crumbs that may have been left behind.
  • Don’t overwater your plants as the extra moisture can attract yellow jackets.
  • Reduce harborage points where yellow jackets may try to build their nests, like open spots in the ground, hollow tree stumps, or openings between the walls.
  • Add natural wasp-repellent plants like eucalyptus, spearmint, or thyme around your yard or property.
  • Scare off yellow jackets with a decoy yellow jacket nest; these wasps are unlikely to build a colony on territory that they believe is already taken by another nest.

Keep in mind that the tips above are great for preventing future yellow jacket problems, but if you have an active nest on your property, you’ll need to contact a professional like Alta Pest Control.



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