How Do I Get Weevils Out Of My Tukwila Home?

The bizarre-looking weevil is technically a beetle and has the carapace to prove it. However, its thorax and head get progressively smaller the farther from its tail end you get. Combine this with a protruding snout and voilà! You have quite the unique pest on your hands. Just be warned: this stubborn little herbivore, a native to fields and grasslands, may still be your worst nightmare.

Are Weevils Actually Dangerous?

Like most beetle species, the weevil is a herbivore and does not pose a significant danger to humans. This does not mean, however, that the weevil is completely harmless. In fact, this pest is a monumental threat in its own way. Though this pest will not put your physical health or well-being at risk, it does take a toll on your yard.  If you own gardens, fields, or farmlands, the crops growing on them face devastation if you develop a weevil problem. The pests have wicked appetites and will chew a plant to devastation. They begin with the leaves and as they progress to the stem, they will kill the plant.  Weevil larvae will also suck nutrients from a plant’s roots, destroying them at their source.

What Are Some Simple Weevil Prevention Methods?

Don’t want to see weevils crawling around in your spices and grains? If you want to protect your residence from the threat of agriculturally damaging pests like the weevil, it's best to exercise some preventative measures.

  • Need a natural repellant? Any bug with a protruding proboscis like the weevils is bound to hate the scent of something or other. In the case of this pesky beetle, your best bet is either using bay leaves or cloves to create a weevil-proof wall of aroma. Just make sure to replace the smell consistently.
  • While plants are the weevil’s primary source of nutrients, they won’t hesitate to venture further toward other interesting scents, such as the trash you throw out. Keep all trash cans properly sealed to avoid drawing these bugs too close to home.
  • If you have rice, grain, or any other agricultural food source stored indoors, your weevil problems may extend into the kitchen. Seal your pantry items in airtight containers.
  • If you already have signs of weevils in your cupboards, be sure to throw ingested food away and perform a thorough cleaning. Wipe surfaces and vacuum-infested areas.  

Weevils are sneaky and thought to handle once they make their way onto your property. Fortunately, the experts at Alta Pest Control are here to help. Our professionals offer customized solutions for weevils or other unwanted pests. Whether you're looking for a one-time treatment or a recurring residential pest control plan, we have options that work for you. Plus, with our pest-free guarantee, what have you got to lose? Reach out to the experts at Alta Pest Control today with questions or to schedule an inspection.


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