The Summer to Remember

Here at Alta, we are dedicated to making sure you have the best summer experience possible. We don't want to hire anyone and not have them have a great time; that would be damaging to the company, and our own self egos because honestly, we love enabling fun. That's why we make sure the summer is loaded with incentives and activities.


Summer Incentives

Throughout the summer we throw out incentives, pretty much on a daily basis. They are intended to spice things up, reward guys for working hard, and bring out the competitive nature in everyone to elevate their sales game to another level. Some are small, like first sale of the day gets dinner or a gift card. Some are week-long or longer competitions, with the winners winning bigger: $1000 cash, skydiving, tv's, ps4's, etc. Some are milestones, like each high-flying sales guy that get 300 sales gets to go wing walking. 


Summer Activities

Every day reps have a two hour lunch break, if they choose to take it. What happens during those breaks? Guys usually meet at a park to eat, play pick up games, maybe even go for a dip or take a nap. It's a time to relax and recharge before hitting the doors at night, and the time when many summer memories are made.


Weekend Activities

Even if they live close by, most guys aren't looking to go home right away when the weekend comes. Most guys want to continue hanging out with the other salesman, and we help facilitate that. Every week the sales managers will have a weekend activity planned, whether that's going to a Sounders game, paintballing, go karting, a concert, or just having dinner or catching a movie. One things for sure: you won't wanna miss it.   


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