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Pest Control in Augusta, KS

Reliable Pest Solutions for Homes & Businesses 

While life never seems to get too crazy in Augusta, one thing is certain: the activities of pests around our residential and commercial properties are enough to drive anyone crazy! From property damage to food contamination, the possibilities for headaches, stress, and pest induced anxiety seem to double with each passing year.

Enter the Augusta pest removal team at Alta Pest Control, a local expert in pest inspections, eliminations, and exterminations. We have been serving the community for nearly 10 years, and are proud of our ongoing legacy of quality, speed, and service. Whenever the time comes for you to protect the home or business you love, rely on Alta Pest Control for help right away.

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Home Pest Control In Augusta, KSBlue home in Augusta, Kansas.

Homeowners in Augusta, KS know that preventing pests from ever setting foot on their lawns is the first step towards living an infestation-free lifestyle. However, keeping pests out without the help of a qualified home pest control company will be difficult, confusing, and even stressful.

How We Protect Your Property from Pests

The team at Alta Pest Control has been specializing in residential pest control services throughout Augusta since our start in early 2013. We offer a unique kind of pest control business to customers, one that is focused on service and quality rather than the bottom line. Our founders firmly believe in taking pest control to the next level by assisting customers with actionable, helpful, and well researched advice.

We Help People Just like You Eliminate Dangerous Pests, Including:

The crew at Alta Pest Control can raise you to new heights of pest protection.  Apply for regular residential services online today. 

What to Know about Augusta, Kansas

Butler County is one of the loveliest areas in Kansas, mainly due to lush green valleys, easy access to water, and miles of rolling, serene landscape. In the midst of all this natural beauty lies the quaint little town of Augusta, KS, nestled into the winding bends of the Whitewater and Walnut Rivers.  Historic landmarks such as the Augusta Historic Theater, the Museum of Military History, and the C.N. James Log Cabin can be found in this area, all of which are beloved by visitors and local residents alike.

Alta Pest Control is ready to help you with all of your pest problems throughout Augusta! Dial (866) 290-9502 or contact us online now for help with any pest issue you might have.

Live Pest-Free Emergency Services Are Available - Just Call (866) 290-9502
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Commercial Pest Control In Augusta, KS

Businesses require a very different set of pest protections than private homes. Your business should have a solid insurance plan, both in terms of policies and preventative actions. Leaving your commercial building up to fate can spell disaster for you, your employees, and all the customers who trust you most. That’s why Alta Pest Control is proud to offer a comprehensive and fully customizable pest control plan for business owners all over Augusta, KS.

Check Out Some of the Ways We Can Make and Keep Your Business Pest-Free:

  • We provide complete inspections that evaluate all aspects of your pests, pest activity, and infestation liabilities.
  • We identify any insects, mammals, or wildlife creatures that may be posing a risk to your company.
  • Alta Pest Control applies unique products that protect you and your customers without compromising your health.

Our Augusta commercial pest team wants to do things right on the first pass, never the second. We guarantee that your pest problems will be long gone. If they return, we will come back between visits to fix any issues that remain.

Running a business can be complicated, but finding and keeping affordable Augusta commercial pest control plans never should be. Submit a contact form to Alta Pest Control now to start uncovering the right plan for your business.

Thousands of Happy Customers

    “I've used Alta for several years and they have helped our insect/rodent fight a great deal.”

    - Cathy T.

    “The sugar ants are gone and no new holes from the rodents!”

    - Jill Pace

    “Friendly knowledgeable on time and professional.”

    - Victoria Poncini

    “We switched from another provider and I already feel so much confident that this service is being completed to its full expectations.”

    - Adam Garibaldi

    “He was remarkably knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and took great effort to help us understand the issues we were facing.”

    - Eddie Gurriero

Your Guide to Pests In Augusta

Three Things Everyone In Augusta, KS Ought To Know About Spiders

A spider in the home is fairly commonplace, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that arachnid activity is no laughing matter. If left to their own devices, spiders can cause a whole host of problems for people, pets, and property owners. Three things to keep in mind:

1. Dangerous spider species exist in our area: Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluses.

2. All spiders possess both fangs and venom.

3. Spiders may indicate an underlying pest problem in the home.

Protect your home with Alta Pest Control. Call or click today to schedule a free spider inspection.

How Dangerous Are Rodents In Augusta, KS?

Rodents in Augusta should be eliminated at all costs. Not only are they physically dangerous to commercial businesses and private homes, but they are also capable of spreading serious pathogens and diseases. Mice and rats are able to transmit over 33 unique forms of viruses and bacteria, many of which require professional medical treatment to cure. Have your home covered in the event of a rodent infestation. Alta Pest Control is standing by to take your call and help with the effective rodent control.

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