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Here at Alta, we're committed to providing our employees with the best experiences possible in the industry. We're now hiring for our summer sales program, which was designed to give college students the best summer they've ever had; making the kind of money they deserve, while having the fun they want. We want you to spend your summer building your bank account and your resume. Our reps make an average of $27,000 working May-August. We're looking for the cream of the crop to join our team this summer. Do you have what it takes?


Come to Alta and get paid what you're worth.

Through five years, our average sales rep sells 191 accounts, and makes $27,037 in a single summer. How much will you make?

Between going back to their jobs from high school or getting internships just because they're told to, it's rare for college students to make grown up salaries while still in school. Are you worth more than $15 an hour this summer? Come prove it to yourself.


Training from the best.

The leadership team at Alta has over 20 years of experience in the door to door industry. We've put years of knowledge and practice into building the best training resources around. Receive one on one training from the owners, some of the best pest control salesman in the country, throughout the summer. At Alta, we're invested in you. Your success is our success. We will do our best do enable you to succeed.


There's always room at the top.

Don't waste your summer learning limited skills at an hourly job or getting coffee for the grown ups as an intern. Set yourself up for future success in life this summer with Alta. Whether that's earning one of several full-time positions with us or following your dreams elsewhere, jump on the springboard to success this summer. Build your resume by showing you can bring real value to a company, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in a summer.


The Summer You'll Never Forget.

Here at Alta, we work hard, and play hard. As sales rep Rob Haney puts it, "My summers with Alta have been the best summers of my life." He's not exaggerating. From daily pick up games to weekly competitions to weekend activities, there's always something to be excited about. Click through to check out some of the fun things we did last summer. 


Take Pride in Your Company.

It's easy to sell a product you believe in. At Alta, we go to great length to take care of your customers. Check out our reviews and see for yourself. 


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