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As Sales Guru Brian Tracy puts it, "To become the ultimate salesperson, you must learn from the best." Here at Alta, our team has learned from the best, and then became it. We're dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to succeed as a salesperson through extensive training. As a company, our sales reps success directly correlates to the success and growth as a company. As such, we won't hold anything back and are willing to expend the time and energy it takes to ensure your success on the doors. We provide you with a sales manual summarizing everything we've learned from working with other people across the door to door industry, and a combined 20 years of knocking ourselves. You'll receive daily hands on training from our managers, and you'll have the opportunity to hit the doors with anyone featured on this page. Let us unlock your potential, and turn you into the best salesperson you can be.

Meet the sales management team below.


Chris Langlois - Co-founder, CEO

Chris starting selling door to door back in 2006, for a home security company. After a few years he starting selling pest control for a company owned by a guy who had set the industry record for sales in a summer. Chris then sold satellite subscriptions door to door, before deciding that pest control was the industry for him. He co-founded the company integrating what he had learned from working in all three major door to door industries. 


Tyler Langlois - VP of Sales, Regional Sales Manager

Tyler followed a similar path as Chris, and soon became Chris' pride and joy as he watch Tyler apply what Chris taught. Tyler started in the security industry before following Chris to sell pest control and satellite for other companies. Tyler has sold over 400 accounts each summer for three years in a row with Alta. 


Michael Thompson - Sales Manager

Michael started selling with Alta in their second year in existence. He has since proven his worth to the company as a recruiter and manager, selling more and more accounts each year and helping more and more new hires to do the same as he climbs the managerial ladder. 


Jon Miller - Sales Manager

Jon was the hiring class of 2016's golden boy. Jon showed his tenacity and natural knack for selling at the get go, selling 5 accounts his first day on the doors. Jon continued to improve throughout the summer and we are excited to have him manage his own team of salespeople this year. 


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