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As the largest suburb in the Wichita greater metropolitan area, Derby, Kansas, is one busy little bedroom community! From snowbirds to young families to college grads looking for a home, Derby offers a unique spin on city life that provides access to new and old ways of living. If you’re planning on visiting this area anytime soon, the locals will encourage you to visit the Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park and enjoy some fun in the sun. If you’re more of a history buff, the Derby Historical Museum will scratch the itch regarding all aspects of the town’s legacy. Finally, cap off your evening with a trip to one of Derby’s many biking or hiking trails, with some delicious local food to boot! Derby, Kansas, sounds almost too good to be true for non-locals, especially those with little experience in the way of Kansas’s dramatic, sometimes violent weather shifts. The humid summers and mild winters are not for everyone, and they are especially conducive to pests, and their families found all over the city.

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are seasonal pests that infiltrate properties during the growing season, while creatures such as bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches can attack buildings any time of year. As your local guide for high-quality pest management, Alta Pest Control is Derby’s favorite pest control company specializing in the dissemination of helpful tools, services, and techniques for property owners all over the city. To learn more about how we could protect your property or answer any of your pest-related questions, please call the Derby, Kansas branch of Alta Pest Control right away.

Home Pest Control In Derby, KS

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You put extra care and attention into the things that matter most and would do whatever it takes to keep your family safe from pest activity. Getting a residential pest control plan with Alta Pest Control is an excellent first step towards reducing pest-related risks inside and outside the home. Here are some benefits to trusting Alta Pest Control with your residential needs:

  • We focus on you and your needs – not our profits.

  • We Customize pest plans that address your pests right where they are.

  • We offer emergency services for dangerous creatures, including mice, rats, roaches, wasps, and more.

  • We provide quick or same-day services for in-need homeowners.

  • Pest control phone consultations – completely free!

  • Our technicians are fully certified and licensed.

The Alta Pest Free Guarantee: complete service means complete care. Contact the Alta Pest Control family today to start a residential pest control plan perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Derby, KS

Local businesses in the Derby, Kansas area often receive the brunt of their pests during the hot summer months. Cockroaches make short work of kitchens, food prep areas, and bathrooms. Rodents crawl into pantries and flat surfaces all over the building. Worse still, pest species of all kinds can have your business permanently closed by failing health inspections, safety surveys, and more.

Alta Pest Control understands how difficult it is to keep a commercial enterprise up and running as a small business. That’s why we offer some of the best possible pest services to our Derby, Kansas peers, neighbors, and friends. We keep your investment safe by:

  • Inspecting for pests regularly and alerting you whenever a problem appears.

  • Treating your building for various pest species on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.

  • Continuing to follow up with your company in case of pest reappearance, re-infestation, or continuous activity.

Add some peace of mind to your business activities this year. Contact Alta Pest Control to kick your commercial pest control plans into high gear.

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Ants In Derby, Kansas? 

While it is not necessarily possible to completely avoid ants around Derby, Kansas, there are some ways to prevent them from overtaking your lawn completely, such as:

  • Do not leave food or trash bags outside at any time.

  • Clean up after every outdoor event, especially those involving food or drink.

  • Keep the lawn well maintained, and do what you can to keep the grass trimmed low, branches pruned back, and shrubs neatly shaved.

Need additional help? Alta Pest Control is ready to assist whenever you need it. Call today to book a home inspection at your earliest convenience.

Are Stinging Insects In Derby, Kansas Dangerous?

A single sting from a bee, wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket has the potential to significantly injure people, their pets, and their loved ones. Stings are usually quite painful and result in swollen bumps or welts forming along punctured skin. Side effects of a stinging insect attack may result in sweating, fevers, difficulty breathing, and even paralysis. Contact a medical professional immediately if you think or know that you have been stung by a stinging insect.

Have your home professionally protected against stinging insects by reaching out to Alta Pest Control for help.


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