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Your Success = Our Success. Here at Alta, we are invested in you. We want you to be successful in life. Helping people is what gives us fulfillment in our job and in our lives. Some students will work for us for a summer, build their resume, learn a lot about sales and themselves, and then continue following a different path. Totally fine, we wish you the best and hoped you loved your time with us. Others will look to find a home with Alta. The company is growing every year and we always need good guys to fill up our company. We are huge advocates of hiring within the company, and want to give guys the chance to succeed in different capacities. 

The first summer is the proving ground. Those who come back for a second do significantly better. First years earn $17,014 on average. Without the initial learning curve, experienced reps have made $38,612 on average. If a rep does well enough, they are offered positions as recruiters, team leads, assistant managers or managers, each with added compensation. Eventually reps can look forward to growing with the company into a regional sales manager position, or they can switch to other fields, such as becoming a branch manager or working in our finance, information systems, or marketing departments. 

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