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a black rat sitting on a pallet

What Tukwila Property Owners Ought To Know About Rats

February 25, 2021

As Tukwila homeowners, we understand the grind of taking care of our properties. It’s a constant battle between the elements and a busy schedule. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to check off every box. While the need for tough choices and prioritizing is one of the hard truths of life, here’s another hard truth: if you’re neglecting the need for rat prevention on your property, it can cost you in more ways than ... Read More

mice in a kicthen pantry

How Pest Control In Wichita Has Become What It Is Today 

February 23, 2021

We can assume that pests have been a nuisance for humans since before recorded time. There is no doubt that early humans were swatting flies away and keeping critters off of their food. From rats to mosquitoes and crop-eating insects, there is no shortage of pests to cause trouble. With pests comes the need for pest control. ... Read More

a german cockroach in a wichita home

Four Signs Your Wichita Home Might Have A Cockroach Problem 

February 17, 2021

Cockroaches are associated with dirt and germs, and the mere thought of them inside your Wichita, Kansas home can trigger fight or flight instincts. Cockroach infestations can multiply quickly, which is why the best way to combat an infestation is to know the signs and catch it early.... Read More

weevil on rice

How Do I Get Weevils Out Of My Tukwila Home?

February 11, 2021

Despite their small size, an infestation of weevils can still have a frightening effect on crops and agriculture. After all, you can’t spell weevil without evil! Find out now how to put a stop to these insidious pests with the help of Alta Pest Control.... Read More

carpenter ants crawling on wood

Why Carpenter Ants Invade Tukwila Homes

February 3, 2021

Carpenter ants, like termites, are dangerous to Tukwila homes thanks to their affinity for moisture-damaged wood. However, wood isn't the only thing attracting these pests to your Tukwila home. Today we're going to discuss other notable attractants of the dreaded carpenter ant. ... Read More

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