How Dangerous Are Fire Ants On My Tukwila Property?

May 3, 2021

Fire ants can be a pain — literally. Not only are these pests a nuisance to have on your property, but they’re also downright scary. Fire ants are known for their aggression and their ability to deliver a painful sting. With colonies known to have up to half a million members, an infestation can become overwhelming. If you’ve been wondering about the dangers of fire ants in Tukwila, here’s what you need to know.

fire ant hill on a lawn

What Are Fire Ants?

Also known as red imported fire ants (RIFAs), fire ants are a non-native species introduced from South America. They’ve become incredibly successful in the United States, especially in southern regions. Fire ants generally measure about ¼ inch in length, and, as their name suggests, they have fiery red or reddish-brown coloration. They can also be recognized by a stinger at the end of their body. 

Fire ants build enormous colonies with multiple queens. They tend to nest outdoors, constructing obtrusive dirt mounds around entrances. These ants are highly territorial and are not welcoming to visitors. Fire ants will bite and sting any creature unfortunate enough to wander into their turf, making them especially dangerous for pets and children. 

Fire ants will eagerly explore homes and businesses in search of food. While the pests can be avoided outside, fire ants become a problem when they move indoors.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants aren’t as venomous as certain spiders and scorpions, but they are dangerous nonetheless. They attack by first latching on to their adversary with their powerful jaws and then deliver a burning sting. Many fire ants can swarm a victim at once, deliver a series of excruciating injections. 

Most fire ant stings result in minor pain and swelling. However, those allergic to fire ant stings are in serious danger if an infestation has developed nearby. Fire ant allergies result in anaphylaxis, causing breathing difficulties and even loss of consciousness. While most stings aren’t medically significant, those with allergies should seek medical attention immediately. 

Why Fire Ants Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

Most social insects build colonies with a single queen that produces all the eggs for the nest. Fire ants are peculiar because they can have several queens residing in the same colony, making pest control treatments difficult. Even if one queen is eliminated, there may still be more, which means the colony will persist.

Fire ants are also known to recolonize when threatened. If you try to destroy their mounds or otherwise suppress their population, the ants will pack up and colonize another nearby location. 

Fire ant colonies can be truly massive, stretching for acres with hundreds of thousands of members. This is partly thanks to a process known as “budding” in which a queen and some worker ants will establish a new colony when certain conditions have been met. The larger a fire ant colony becomes, the more likely satellite colonies are. 

Because of these traits and behaviors, common pesticides and home pest control treatments are often ineffective against fire ants. Even if you manage to kill hundreds of fire ants, there are likely to be thousands more ready to take their place. Their complex colonies aren’t as easy to eliminate as other social insects, made all the worse by their aggressive nature and painful stings.

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