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Are Orb-Weaver Spiders In Dangerous?

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You’ve probably heard of the black widow and the brown recluse, but what about orb-weaver spiders? These arachnids are a common sight, but how dangerous are they?

Orb-weavers are about an inch in length with bulging abdomens and bold markings – they’re most commonly associated with their large, spiral-shaped webs, which can reach up to three feet in diameter. There are several different types of orb-weavers.

Are Orb-Weaver Spiders Venomous?

While orb-weaver spiders aren’t venomous, they can cause an assortment of problems on your property – here’s what you need to know about staying safe from orb-weavers, where you may find them, and how to handle an infestation.

Are Orb-Weaver Spiders Dangerous For Humans?

As mentioned, orb-weaver spiders aren’t venomous, and in small doses, orb-weavers can act as their own form of pest control. The large webs of an orb-weaver are perfect for catching this spider’s prey, like flies, mosquitoes, wasps, or even beetles.

However, there are plenty of cons that come with orb-weaver spiders on your property too. Like many pests, orb-weavers aren’t afraid to bite if they feel threatened and unable to escape from you, which can spell bad news for anyone with an allergy. But even if you’re not allergic to these spiders, their bite can still be as painful as a bee sting and cause mild swelling.

An infestation of orb-weavers on your property presents a lot of opportunities to get bitten, but it’s especially dangerous if you’re allergic to these spiders.

Where Can You Find Orb-Weaver Spiders?

Unlike some arachnids, orb-weavers aren’t eager to get inside your home. In fact, these pests prefer to build their webs outdoors, where it’s easier for them to catch and trap prey in their webs.

Gardens are especially a hot spot for orb-weavers because there’s plenty of tiny insects and bugs for them to catch. When there’s a manageable number of orb-weavers and they live outside, a lot of homeowners don’t bother disturbing these spiders (or their webs). Orb-weavers help cut down on other pest problems that you may deal with, like flies, mosquitoes, and beetles.

Still, just because orb-weavers prefer to spend their time outside doesn’t mean they won’t ever make their way inside. In some cases, orb-weavers may accidentally get transported inside through potted plants or yard debris – or they may venture in on their own if your home already has an insect problem. Tiny cracks, holes, or gaps can all serve as entry points for these spiders while yard debris and clutter may be the perfect areas for them to make their nests.

How To Handle An Orb-Weaver Infestation

Orb-weavers may not pose a serious threat to most people, but they can still become a nuisance if there are too many of them on your property. Not only can these garden spiders make it difficult to manage your garden if they’re constantly building webs, but like many pests, they have the potential to bite if they’re feeling threatened.

If you’ve begun noticing a lot of garden spiders hanging around your property, you shouldn’t ignore the problem. The most effective way to handle an orb-weaver infestation is with a professional pest service like Alta Pest Control. Not only can our professionals get rid of your orb-weavers (and their webs), but we can also examine your property for other potential pest problems that may be attracting these spiders. Contact us today to learn more about our spider control program.

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