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Where Do Spiders In Wichita Go For The Winter?

When people think of pests it's usually insects or arachnids, also known as spiders. Spiders are unique in the sense they get a bad reputation due to the few species that are truly harmful to humans but are also known to be helpful since they prey on other unwanted pests.

While they're more common for people to see in the warmer months, spiders still make their presence known inside Wichita homes more than is considered comfortable. However, when it's cold, why are they so active in comparison to most other pests? The main reason for this is the spider's own antifreeze system. This system within their body is responsible for keeping them from freezing and being a victim to the harsh winters.  They don't come inside to get warm like other pests.

What Brings Spiders Inside During Winter?

Since it's not warmth they seek, it must be food and water. Spiders rely on eating insects to stay alive. When the weather gets colder, those same insects seek out your home to stay warm. Since the spider wants to eat them, the spider will naturally follow them. If the spiders seem like they've been inside for a long time instead of only recently, it's likely the case. Spiders hide in dark corners as a rule and only become noticeable when their numbers have grown to the point of a large population.

Spider Prevention Tips

Even though we can acknowledge they help by controlling the insect population, spiders are still unwelcome in the house. With that in mind, we're providing prevention tips that are more like general tips. The reason for this is because the spider is after the other pests. Control pest infestations with the following tips:

  • Entry Points: Nearly every insect can get in through cracks and crevices surrounding your property. Spiders can too, which is why your first step is to seal up these trouble spots for a pest-free home in the winter.

  • Windows: Most people neglect the windows, but they're actually an easy target for getting inside. Seal up any gaps along the windows and check the window screens.

  • The Yard: The wilder your yard, the more all pests will feel like it's heaven. Keep your yard maintained to make it your heaven instead of one for the pests.

  • Food Storage: While spiders prey on insects, the insects prey on your food. If you leave food out or crumbs on the floor and counters, then you're asking for a pest-infested home. Clean up the crumbs and store the food properly to see fewer pests in the home.

  • Trash Storage: Insects like your trash, which means spiders will like hanging around those locations too. Maintain proper trash storage and both types of pests can become nonexistent.

Spider Prevention With Alta Pest Control

Spider prevention is pest prevention. Spiders require other pests to be in your home to want to stick around. For this reason, we at Alta Pest Control offer services that focus on both spider control as well as general pest control for that perfect one-two combination that ensures you enjoy a pest-free home today and onward.

As always, we begin our process with a thorough inspection to identify the root of your problem. Once complete, we sit down with you to go over the results and then get to work on delivering a pest-free home to our Wichita area customers. Need spider prevention services? Then give our team at Alta Pest Control a call to discuss your professional spider control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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