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What Do The Spiders Do For The Winter?

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It can be easy to think that spiders have all gone away come winter here. That is what pests do, right? Cause trouble during the spring, summer, and fall; but disappear during the winter months? It happens with mosquitoes, ants, and stink bugs, why not spiders? You see, spiders are not like other pests. They seemingly have built-in antifreeze, so despite being cold-blooded pests, spiders can survive the brisk chills of winter. What does that mean for you? It means you can expect spiders to get into your home year-round. The question is, why is your home so appealing to them?

Why Spiders Want To Get Into Your Home

Not all pests die off during the winter; many seek shelter within the warm confines of our homes. Spiders invade our homes to hunt these hiding pests. They couldn't care less about the temperature of your house; all they want are safe places to hide and plenty of bugs to eat. If you are noticing other creepy crawlies and flying pests around your home, you can be sure spiders are not far away.

How Spiders Get Into Homes

As you might know, spiders are quite agile creatures. Most can climb vertical walls and walk upside-down, giving them plenty of options when looking for ways into your house. Funny enough - despite their agility - spiders most often get inside straight through an open door or window. If an easy opportunity like this does not present itself, they will resort to searching the exterior of a home for gaps and cracks they can use to get inside. Damage to your roofline, or an open 2nd or 3rd story window might also allow them a way in. Finally, spiders can sometimes get indoors by hitchhiking on used furniture, or the other items we buy.

How You Can Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

To keep spiders out of your home, you are going to need to address a few things. Here is what we recommend:

  • Reduce entry points by sealing gaps and cracks in your foundation with a caulking gun. Use this same caulking gun to address spaces around utility pipes and window and door frames.

  • Invest some money in insect repellent bulbs for your exterior lights. These bulbs will deter other pests from coming close to your home, and in turn, keep spiders from coming close to hunt.

  • Keep your yard well maintained and your bushes and tree branches trimmed away from the exterior of your home.

  • Clean out clutter and debris from your yard, reducing the number of places spiders can hide on your property.

  • Remove webs around your home. If spiders have trouble settling down, they might leave.

  • Make sure all of your doors and windows have proper weatherstripping.

  • Repair or replace broken, ripped, or torn window and door screens.

  • Invest in high-quality pest control services to ensure that spiders and the pests they prey on stay out of your house.

Why Alta Pest Control Is Right For The Job

Providing effective pest control services, Alta Pest Control is a family-run business with one goal - help homeowners find their freedom from dangerous, annoying, and destructive pests. We have worked long and hard to develop the best ways to manage and keep pests out of homes. If you are having trouble with spiders this winter, we have solutions. Don’t let spiders and other pests settle in this winter, give Alta Pest Control a call and get pest protection that lasts.

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