Let our family take care of yours.


My brother Mike and I decided to open up our own company back in 2012 after spending years working for other companies. We realized we could make a difference in the industry by running a company focused entirely on the service we provide for our customers. Too many of the companies we worked for were too concerned in the bottom line, often cutting corners in order to improve it. We were confident that if we started a company that simply focused on our customers satisfaction that the bottom line would be just fine. While we're not perfect, we work very hard trying to be. When we make a mistake, you'll see how much it means to us by how quickly we move to resolve it.

So far we're happy to report that our experiment - running a company focused on the customer, rather than the bottom line- has proven to be a huge success. We've experienced retention numbers unheard of at the companies where we used to work. Furthermore, we've found that the happier our customers are, the happier our employees are.  

If we ever fail to meet your expectations, please call in and ask for Chris or Mike and we will personally see to it that your problem is resolved. If it's something we can't fix, we'll gladly refund you. Our reputation is worth more to us than the money of a less than satisfied customer. 

We're grateful for your business and the opportunity you've given us, and our employees, to provide for our families.

P.S. - A lot of customers ask why we choose to employ door to door salesman. The answer is two part. First, as a small company, it's impossible for us to break through the noise online. Our giant competitors simply crowd us out of the space. Secondly, and more importantly, it's a great job for college students. All of our sales reps are college students that use the job to pay for their school. Going door to door is a very rewarding job for those students that are willing to work hard for what they earn. I sold pest control door to door all through college in order to fund my education and I'm extremely grateful to be able to provide this same opportunity to others that are willing to work long and hard in order to pay for their own education.

Christopher Langlois


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